Welcome to the new official website of the British-based funeral doom metal band Pantheist!

The fifth Pantheist album, ‘Seeking Infinity’, has recently been released. You can find out more about the new record on the Discography page, read reviews of it via the Media page, and order your own Double Gatefold Vinyl, Digipack CD, and/or digital copy on our Bandcamp page. Click here to watch the official videoclip for ‘500 B.C. to 300 A.D. – The Enlightened Ones’, one of the tracks on ‘Seeking Infinity’.

Current merchandise

Click here to visit our secure Bandcamp store, where you can order the following items directly from the band:

  • Embroidered Pantheist patch • £5
  • ‘Seeking Infinity’ Prints • £3
  • ‘Seeking Infinity’ Double Gatefold Vinyl • £18
  • ‘Seeking Infinity’ Digipack CD • £15
  • ‘Civilisation is a Spiral of Eternal Revolution’ T-shirt • £12
  • Landskap ‘II’ Black Vinyl • £10
  • Landskap ‘II’ CD • £8
  • Towards Atlantis Lights ‘Dust of Aeons’ Digipack CD • £8
  • Wijlen Wij ‘Chronicles of the Ω’ CD • £5