Chapters EP
'Chapters' is a fundraising EP by Pantheist vocalist and keyboardist Kostas Panagiotou, containing five imaginative tracks of Futuristic Space Doom. All funds generated from this EP will be used to support the recording of Pantheist's fifth full-length album, which is to be released by early 2017. You can buy a CD Digipak version, limited to only 100 copies, directly from the band for £9 via the merchandise page, or download the digital version from Bandcamp. All Bandcamp downloads also include a free PDF copy of the concept story 'Events (or Professor Losaline's Extraordinary Journey Into the Unknown)', which accompanies the EP - for more information, see below. The EP's lyrics and credits can also be found below.
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(Or Professor Losaline's Extraordinary Journey into the Unknown)

'Events' is a science fiction novel written by Pantheist vocalist and keyboardist Kostas Panagiotou, which tells the story behind the concept of Pantheist's upcoming fifth album (which all proceeds from the book will go towards the recording of). Each of the tracks from the 'Chapters' EP accompanies one of the six chapters of the story, which is available to download digitally from the following channels:
24 Symbols
Barnes & Noble
Page Foundry

When Professor Losaline, one of the brilliant minds of his era, is contacted by forward thinking company TTM with the request to be the first person to time travel and report his findings back to the world, he doesn’t hesitate. Driven by his thirst to understand the truth behind the phenomena, he hopes to gain answers to the big questions that have tested humanity for thousands of years. However, his enthusiasm is not shared by his partner Rose who senses the experiment is a scam invented by the company in order to create free publicity. When the experiment fails, she finds herself in a desperate situation trying to recover her partner’s mind from the wilderness of the space-time continuum. And there are other enigmas that plague her; what’s behind the bizarre behaviour of TTM employee Dirk Prevez, the only person who has time travelled before? Why does the mysterious pyramidonium take hold of people’s minds? And what about the vision of doom shared between Dirk and the Professor, which seems to expand in intensity and detail over time? As the events unravel, a darkness envelops everyone involved and the consequences are chaotic and unpredictable...

Chapters EP Lyrics and Credits
Engineered and mastered by Déhà
Guests: A.A.S. (The Cold View), Fred Laborde, Thanassis Lightbridge (Dol Ammad, Dol Theeta, Dol Kruug), Andy Koski-Semmens (Syven, ex-Pantheist), L V H (Solicide, Wijlen Wij)
Artwork by Cheryl Panagiotou

Chapter I - Pyramidonium
Drums recording facilitated by Mark Antoniades
Dan - Drums
Frank - Guitars
Kostas - Keyboards, Programming

Chapter II - Eternal Potential
Guitar recording facilitated by Mister Mow
Drums recording facilitated by Mark Antoniades
Dan - Drums
Frederic Laborde- Guitars
Kostas - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming

Chapter III - Warping the Space​-Time Continuum
A.A.S. (The Cold View)- Guitars, Drones
Kostas - Keyboards, Programming, Samples

Chapter IV - Controlling Fire & Civilization
I can’t deny how much you’ve changed me
history is but a shadow revealed by your shine
minds transformed by your burning flame
beacon of hope, illuminating our path:
and so, our great journey began...

Now we have the tools to build our own future
everything is changing, and yet it seems the same
civilization is a spiral of eternal revolution

We fought the dark, our journey bore your mark
should we accept your gift or will your flame engulf us all?

Aleksej - Bass
Andy - Operatic vocals
Kostas - Brutal vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Pepijn - Guitars
Sterghios - Drums
Thanassis Lightbridge - Electronica, Space on!

Chapter V - Here and Now (The Present)
What pains have we endured, and what an agony
until united our minds
stood and faced the world, while painfully it dawned:
we’re quickly running out of time

So much inhuman effort, so much sacrifice
the breeze of change has swept away
and all the aspirations we carried from the past
betrayed by the wheel of time

How can I find back what I’ve lost?
How can my old innocence be restored?
How can I erase the mistakes I made?
How can I take back bitter words I said?

So many times I’ve been deceived by my false hopes
‘till life stripped them away from me
I sought and found you again, my precious lifeline
but time has changed how we feel

Aleksej - Bass
Kostas - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Pepijn - Guitars
Sterghios - Drums

Epilogue - The End of the World
Sometimes I’m afraid that when I close my eyes
the whole world will disappear
Sometimes I’m scared, you know when I look at the stars
That I’m lost -and God! for real

Infinity, eternity
they leave me and fly far away,
only one thought tortures me:
I am lost in an immense, indifferent and strange world
and when I’m there, in my own hell
my heart cries loud for you

I hear the sound of horns, I see a beast appearing from the sea
it has ten horns and seven heads
looks like a lion, like a leopard it crawls
I stretch out my shaking hand
and touch the body of the dancing Shiva
I want to scream, but I can’t
instead I cry, shake and shiver

I want you, I need you
I can’t exist without you
Don’t leave me when I’m lost again
hold my hand and join me to the end of the world

Sometimes I really hope that the night never comes
the darkness scares me, you know
Sometimes when I feel that I finally reached the top
my castle of cards falls when the wind blows

I hear the peal, it’s the Big Crunch
in front of me there are two worlds
the one expands, but shuts again
the other one already I’ve lost

Each of its particles pursues its own way
I’m standing here and watch all this
I’m all alone, what can I say?

I lost you and I miss you
there is no life without you
Don’t leave me when I’m lost again
in this crazy race to the end of the world

Aleksej - Bass
Kostas - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
L V H (Solicide, Wijlen Wij) - Spoken voice
Pepijn - Guitars
Sterghios - Drums
Thanassis Lightbridge (Dol Ammad/Dol Theeta/Dol Kruug) - Electronica, Space on!

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