‘O Solitude’ to be released on vinyl – pre-order now

Pantheist’s legendary debut album, ‘O Solitude’, is finally going to be released on vinyl on 12th March 2021, by The Vinyl Division. It will come with brand new artwork by the band’s regular visual artist Cheryl Panagiotou, and bespoke vinyl mastering courtesy of Daniel Neagoe (Clouds, Eye of Solitude). The release will be limited to only 200 pressings on classic black (100) or marble (100) double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, and will include an insert with an extensive retrospective album review and an interview with Kostas Panagiotou by the prolific Colonel Mortimer (La Muerte Tenía Un Blog). It is available to pre-order from The Vinyl Division website now – and we can recommend acting quickly, because the marble edition is already running out of copies.

Buy first ever Pantheist longsleeve

Front of the longsleeve

We are pleased to announce that Pantheist longsleeves are finally available, for the first time in the history of the band! The tops are a limited edition, with only 50 available. You can choose from XXL, XL, L, M and S sizes. They are High Quality Gildan Ultra Cotton garments to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold, bleak days and nights of the pandemic! The longsleeves feature the ‘Alternative Pantheïsm’ cover art at the front, the Pantheïst sigil at the back and the band logo on the right sleeve. As a bonus, when making your purchase you will get a free download of the ‘Alternative Pantheïsm’ compilation.

The longsleeves are available to buy from the Bandcamp page now for £25. Get in there quick before they sell out!

Back of the longsleeve

Pantheist release ‘Live at St Giles, London’ album

It’s finally here! Having sat on the audio for almost 9 years, we have now edited and polished up the recordings of our gig with Skepticism at St Giles-in-the-Fields on the 28th January 2012. The result is a 90 minute nostalgia trip to an event which has remained unique in the United Kingdom: an international audience of 300 doom metal enthusiasts, witnessed two ‘funeral doom’ bands in a church in the heart of London!

Professionally captured on a 16-track mixer, the performance contains a selection of 9 tracks of our first four albums. Some of the versions of the tracks are more daring than others; all of them are full of passion and conviction and I’m sure you will excuse some inaccuracies here and there in the heat of the moment.

Head over to the band’s Bandcamp page to access the album. Stay sane in an insane world in the meanwhile. Doom is the only option.

– Kostas

‘Alternative Pantheïsm’ Compilation Released

“I’m thrilled to unveil ‘Alternative Pantheïsm’, a 90 minute compilation of rarities, covers, demos and unfinished tracks spanning the period between 2000 and 2018 of the band’s history. They have been mastered and cleaned up for your listening pleasure and I have deliberately picked tracks which show the band’s evolution over the years in chronological order: from instrumental ambient and covers of better known bands while we were finding our way, to experimentation in our ‘middle period’ and eventually our more confident integration of the past in more recent years. Accompanied by lovely cover art by Cheryl, I trust this will be a nostalgic ride for those who are familiar with our music, a journey through lands unexplored and projects unfinished. The tracks have their own charm in their imperfections and ‘what if’ potential that was never fulfilled for whatever reason.

It’s an exclusive Bandcamp release so I won’t be releasing this compilation elsewhere. There are also some limited A4 prints on quality matte paper with Cheryl’s art accompanying the album, for those who like something physical to hold on to. I will sign them personally. More information in our Bandcamp page. Enjoy the ride.” – Kostas

'Alternative Pantheïsm' cover art

New Pantheist merchandise available and updates from Kostas’s solo projects

Embroidered Pantheist logo patch
Embroidered Pantheist logo patch

The band have recently unveiled some exciting new limited edition merchandise, which is available to buy from our Bandcamp store: an embroidered Pantheist logo patch, and two ‘Seeking Infinity’ themed print designs (‘Psychedelic Infinity’ and ‘Veiled Figure on Stairs’). The latter are printed on high quality A4 photo paper, and personally signed by Kostas, with a free digital download of ‘Seeking Infinity’ as a bonus.

'Psychedelic Infinity' print design
‘Psychedelic Infinity’ print design

Please note that for purposes of simplicity and security, all of the band’s merchandise is now being sold exclusively from the Bandcamp store at pantheistuk.bandcamp.com/merch, so please head there for your Pantheist merch needs in the future.

'Veiled Figure on Stairs' print design
‘Veiled Figure on Stairs’ print design

In other news, last week Pantheist’s Kostas released ‘Stardust’, a single from his second solo EP ‘Times of Change’ on Spotify. You can watch a videoclip for the song featuring scenes of nature in Aberthaw, South Wales here. You can also now listen to and buy an extended edition of ‘Times of Change’, as well as an extended edition of his previous solo EP ‘Chambers of Isolation’, on Bandcamp.

Sermones Ad Mortuos single 'You See Them in The Skies​/​Challenger'
Sermones Ad Mortuos single ‘You See Them in The Skies​/​Challenger’

Furthermore, Kostas recently released a new single from his Sermones Ad Mortuos project, ‘You See Them in The Skies​/​Challenger’. This is also available to listen to and buy on Bandcamp. To keep up to date about all of Kostas’s projects, check out his Facebook page here.

Kostas releases ‘Times of Change’ solo EP and new Sermones Ad Mortuous single

Pantheist vocialist/keyboardist Kostas has released his second solo EP during lockdown in the space of a few months! For more information, see the statement below – you can listen to and buy ‘Times of Change’ from Bandcamp here: pantheistuk.bandcamp.com/album/times-of-change

“We live in times of change. Our realities are changing very fast. A world pandemic made us all aware that some things may never be the same in the future. Time to prepare for a new reality where what has been taken for granted in the past, is no longer a given…we are but Stardust, but Love helps us connect with others, and a Vision of Light can see us through to a brighter future.

Kostas Panagiotou’s second solo EP, while only two months at the heels of the debut ‘Chamber of Isolation’, shows a considerable progress from its predecessor. While it can still be described as instrumental music based on the piano, the cinematic element has been now truly ramped up. Within its 20 minutes’ length, it travels effortlessly from bombastic, orchestral sections to subtle, romantic meanderings and dreamy realms. This is powerful music able to capture the dreams, hopes and emotions of anyone who allow themselves to be carried away by its magical sounds.” – Kostas

'Times of Change' cover

In addition, Kostas has resurrected the project Sermones Ad Mortuous, which has just released a single entitled ‘Flight 9525: A pointless descent’. You can listen to and buy it at pantheistuk.bandcamp.com/track/flight-9525-a-pointless-descent.

“Five whole years after its mysterious debut ‘The Ghostlands Themes’, Sermones Ad Mortuos returns with a different sound and theme. This new single takes the sound of the project into a more relaxed, chillout territory. Despite this, there is a hint of sadness to the downtempo composition, no doubt informed by the sad fate of the passengers of the doomed Germanwings flight.” – Kostas

Sermones Ad Mortuous 'Flight 9525: A Pointless Descent' cover

Pantheist’s Kostas releases solo album ‘Chamber of Isolation’

We hope you are all keeping as well as possible in the surreal circumstances that the world currently finds itself in! Pantheist’s Kostas has been endeavouring to use his time in isolation productively, and has just released an album of piano and chamber music on Bandcamp: ‘Chamber of Isolation’. You can listen to and download the album here: https://pantheistuk.bandcamp.com/album/chamber-of-isolation. Kostas made the following statement to accompany the release:

“Hello fellow people in isolation, I greet thee. I hope you manage to spend your time productively and creatively. I have used some of that time to work on producing a new album called ‘Chambers of Isolation’ and I have just released it on bandcamp. As I explain in the album description, it reflects feelings and emotions spawned by both mental isolation and creative longing. It is piano and chamber music to evoke ghosts of past and present.

As these are strange times, I have decided to set the album price as ‘pay if you want’, along with the rest of my available digital discography. This is your chance to grab any of my bandcamp albums you don’t own yet. Donations are always welcome but don’t feel obliged if you are currently struggling financially. It helps as much to spread the word to others who haven’t heard of my music yet. I salute you once again and as ever, comments and feedback are very welcome. Keep safe and take care of your bodies and minds and help your loved ones.” – Kostas

Album cover for 'Chamber of Isolation'

On Kostas’s Bandcamp page you can also now listen to and download two additional Pantheist tracks that were previously only available to subscribers of the band’s mailing list. The first is ‘De regen voorbij’, a cover of a song by a Dutch crooner called Rob De Nijs. The second is a remastered version of ‘Warping space-time’, which was originally a bonus track from ‘Seeking Infinity’. Enjoy, and take care one and all!

Cover for 'De regen voorbij'
Cover for 'Warping space-time'

Andrei Oltean from E-an-na to join Pantheist performance in Antwerp

We said there will be a few surprises for those attending our event with Officium Triste and Isenordal on the 21st September in Antwerp, and here is one of them. Andrei Oltean will be joining us on stage to perform wind instruments on some of our key tracks and add his own ethnic flavour to our live sound!

Andrei is known as a talented Romanian multi-instrumentalist involved in a variety of bands, most notably the popular folk metal outfit E-an-na. Closer to our genre, he is also known for his heart rending instrumental performances on various Clouds tracks.

Don’t have your tickets yet? Then grab them now as they are selling out fast. Don’t miss the opportunity to see our only gig this year, in our most natural setting: a beautifully ornamented church in the heart of Antwerp!

‘O Solitude’ vinyl release coming later this year

Great news for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the vinyl release of ‘O Solitude’! Grau Records have committed to release the LP this year (release date to be confirmed). It’s going to be a 2LP with new artwork. The vinyl will be the usual black, as well as a limited edition of coloured vinyl – if you would like to suggest a colour for the limited edition version, head over to the band’s Facebook page!

New limited edition merchandise unveiled!

We are very excited to unveil some new, ultra limited edition Pantheist merchandise – our first ever Zip Hoodie (Gildan Heavy Blend) and a 12 x 0.8 metre Wall Flag! These are ‘luxury’ items printed in very limited numbers, with only 25 hoodies and 10 wall flags available. We are therefore offering a number of ‘luxury deals’ to make the prices more manageable, which include the ‘Seeking Infinity’ 2xLP. To buy your items, head to the Merchandise page now – and act quickly, because these won’t be around for long!