‘O Solitude’ vinyl release coming later this year

Great news for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the vinyl release of ‘O Solitude’! Grau Records have committed to release the LP this year (release date to be confirmed). It’s going to be a 2LP with new artwork. The vinyl will be the usual black, as well as a limited edition of coloured vinyl – if you would like to suggest a colour for the limited edition version, head over to the band’s Facebook page!

New limited edition merchandise unveiled!

We are very excited to unveil some new, ultra limited edition Pantheist merchandise – our first ever Zip Hoodie (Gildan Heavy Blend) and a 12 x 0.8 metre Wall Flag! These are ‘luxury’ items printed in very limited numbers, with only 25 hoodies and 10 wall flags available. We are therefore offering a number of ‘luxury deals’ to make the prices more manageable, which include the ‘Seeking Infinity’ 2xLP. To buy your items, head to the Merchandise page now – and act quickly, because these won’t be around for long!

Pantheist to perform in Antwerp with Officium Triste in September

We are excited to announce that Pantheist will be sharing the stage again with Officium Triste, in Antwerp on 21st September 2019. This will be a very special, seated event with extra-long sets, and it will be held at AMUZ – the former church of St Augustine, which is now an international music centre. Capacity is limited to 200, so get your tickets now before it sells out! For more information, go to the gigs page.

More positive media attention for ‘Seeking Infinity’

Zero Tolerance, one of UK’s largest printed metal magazines, rates Pantheist’s ‘Seeking Infinity’ with 5/6 in their latest issue. They remark that “Some bands bleed quality and thankfully for us, Pantheist are one of the few”. Meanwhile, Midnight Madness Metal Radio recently presented ‘Seeking Infinity’ on their Headbanging Moose Show. You can listen to the full episode here. Finally, the new album has also been mentioned as one of the highlights of 2018 by Cult Never Dies.

‘Seeking Infinity’ picked in two ‘albums of the year’ lists

Pantheist have recently been included in two ‘albums of the year’ lists: Pete Woods from Ave Noctum has picked ‘Seeking Infinity’ at #6 in his 2018 albums of the year list, and Lost Souls Domain have placed it at #10 in their 2018 yearlist. You can find reviews of the album from these websites and many other sources on the Media page. If you do not yet have a copy of ‘Seeking Infinity’, don’t forget that you can buy it with a 20% discount, along with all other items on Kostas’ Bandcamp page, until 9th January. To do so, just use the discount code wintersale.

Bandcamp wintersale discount

2018 was a great year for Pantheist, as we released our first album in 7 years. We are grateful to all people who bought, downloaded, streamed, stole, copied or otherwise obtained ‘Seeking Infinity’.
For those of you who liked the album but haven’t made the decision to buy yet, this might help you over the line ‘Seeking Infinity’ is currently available (Digital or Limited Digipack CD), along with all other items on Kostas’ Bandcamp page, with 20% discount. Just use the discount code wintersale
The discount will be available until the 9th January.
Thanks for the support and Happy Doomdays!

Bandcamp Page

Track from ‘Seeking Infinity’ and album reviews added to website

We have uploaded the track ‘500 B.C. to 30 A.D. – The Enlightened Ones’ from Seeking Infinity to the Listen page, so you can now listen to this as well as several other songs from Pantheist’s discography whilst browsing the website. Meanwhile, check out the Media page if you would like to read the latest reviews of Seeking Infinity and interviews with the band, which are being added to the site regularly. Kostas also recently recorded a video on the Pantheist Facebook page discussing the coverage of the new album in the printed press, and you can watch this here.

‘Seeking Infinity’ released and new website launched!

Today, Pantheist has released its fifth full-length album, and first release in seven years, ‘Seeking Infinity’. The album is a decisive return to the band’s funeral doom roots, whilst still incorporating the atmospheric and progressive elements that have become an integral part of Pantheist’s sound over the years. Comprising of six tracks and clocking in at just over 60 minutes, ‘Seeking Infinity’ is available on digipack CD from the band’s own label Melancholic Realm Productions for £15 (including all postage costs) via the Merchandise page, and on doublefold 2xLP from the Spanish label The Vinyl Division.

In addition, ‘Seeking Infinity’ is available to listen to and purchase digitally on Bandcamp, and you can also order it on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify. People who buy the digital album on Bandcamp, as well as those subscribed to our mailing list will get the bonus track ‘Warping Space-Time’ for free. It can also be downloaded separately from Bandcamp (by subscribing to our mailing list as well). You can find out more about ‘Seeking Infinity’ on the Discography page, and check out the latest reviews of it on the Media page.

As you can see, to coincide with the release of the new album, we have also launched a new official Pantheist website! More content will continue to be added to the site in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for future updates. Finally, don’t forget to sign up to the Pantheist mailing list if you would like to be the first to receive the latest news from the band in the future!