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/ 17.10.2009 / Pete and Pantheist Part Ways - New Guitarist Wanted
The following is a statement from the band: "Following 3 great years of collaboration, fantastic times at gigs, in tour vans and the studio, we have sadly decided to part ways with guitarist Pete Benjamin (Akercocke, Corpsing, For the Blind). For the upcoming gigs this year, our Belgian, Czech and Polish fans will have the opportunity to witness Pantheist with Esoteric's Greg Chandler joining Ilia on guitar duties. We are really excited about this one-off set of appearances, as Greg, who engineered our latest album 'Journey Through Lands Unknown', brings his own flair into our music.

Following these concerts we will be looking into recruiting a suitably talented and open-minded replacement for Pete. We are looking for someone capable of both rhythm and lead guitar, with their own equipment, suitable for live performances and willing to commit to at least 3 rehearsals a month in London, England. Live and recording experience and skills in other instruments are not necessary but highly welcome. If you feel you are the right person for the job, contact the band at pantheistuk (at) googlemail.com or through our Myspace site."

/ 17.09.2009 / O Solitude Reissue Now Available
The Firebox Records reissue of Pantheist's 2003 debut album, O Solitude, has now been released. You can get a copy of the reissued album - which has been out of print for some time - with completely new artwork by Cheryl Pinnock, directly from the the band for 13€. To do this, go to the
merchandise page.

The band will also be performing at another concert in London, UK on 27th February 2010. You can view all the latest Pantheist tour dates on the concerts page.

/ 16.08.2009 / Gig in Belgium Announced
Pantheist will be performing at the Sunday Metal Madness Fest in Gent, Belgium on the 25th October this year, together will a varied range of other metal bands. For more information, go to the
concerts page.

/ 02.08.2009 / 'O Solitude' Reissue and Upcoming Gigs
Firebox Records will soon be releasing a reissue of Pantheist's debut album, 'O Solitude'. This has now been sent to the printers, complete with new artwork courtesy of Cheryl Pinnock. The long out-of-print album will be available to order in a matter of weeks so stay tuned for further news about this.

The previously announced gig in Ashton-Under-Lyne in November has now been rearranged to take place on 6th February in 2010. The band will also be playing their first gig in Wodzislaw Slaski in Poland on October 31st at the third edition of the Brania Fest, set up by Polish doom-metallers Gallileous who will also be playing. The previous night the two bands will also be playing in Karviná in the Czech Republic with Czech death-doomsters Dissolving of Prodigy, who are organising the gig. For more details, head over to the
concerts page.

/ 15.07.2009 / UK Gig in November
The band will be returning to The Witchwood in Ashton-Under-Lyne (outside Manchester) for a gig in the UK on Saturday 28th November later this year. This will together with death metal band Grave Miasma and black metal act Winterfylleth. For more information, go to the
Concerts page.

/ 14.06.2009 / New Photos Added and Band Update
Some great new photos of the band from the recent gig at the Electrowerkz in London have been added to the website, go to the
images page to view them. The photos were taken by Paola Postali of Funeral of Mankind Promotions, the organisers of the gig.

The more attentive among you will note that some of the things mentioned in an update several months ago, such as gigs in Finland, a new Pantheist shirt and the re-release of old material, have not borne out. Unfortunately, all of these things have not materialised at this stage because the economic situation the world is in is also afflicting the world of doom metal and Pantheist too. The Finland gigs will unfortunately not be taking place, however, stay tuned for more information about future live performances as well as news concerning a Pantheist shirt and the re-release of old material.

/ 13.06.2009 / JTLU 'Pick of the Month' at Doom-metal.com
Journey Through Lands Unknown, Pantheist's latest album, has been chosen as the 'Pick of the Month' for June 2009 at
Doom-metal.com. You can read the newly published review of the album at Doom-metal.com via the press page.

/ 31.05.2009 / New review added
A new review of Journey Through Lands Unknown courtesy of the Metal Invader zine has been added to the
press page. The band also headlined a great gig with Indesinence and The Drowning in London last night - please stay tuned for updates about future gigs and other news.

/ 02.03.2009 / New photos added, Free UK gig on Saturday
Some session photos taken with the band in October of last year have now been added to the website, you can view them on the
band images page. Also, this Saturday the band will be headlining a free-entry concert with Crom Dubh at The Unicorn in central London, go to the concerts page for more details.

The band's Journey Through Lands Unknown album also came 5th of out 9 in the "best extreme doom metal album of 2008" category on the Metal Storm website's annual awards...not a bad achievement given some of the competition (such as doom-metal legends Skepticism and Esoteric)! Click here to visit Metal Storm and see the award winners in full.

/ 23.02.2009 / UK gig in May, and vote for Pantheist in Metal Storm awards!
Pantheist will be headlining another gig in London, on Saturday May 30th in the Electrowerkz, with Indesinence and The Drowning supporting. For more information go to the
concerts page.

On top of this, the band has been nominated for the "best extreme doom metal album of 2008" award on the popular Metal Storm website. It is up to visitors to the website to decide which album wins the award and there is still time to vote for Journey for Lands Unknown - voting closes on the 1st of March. Click here to visit Metal Storm and, if you so choose, vote for Pantheist!

/ 19.01.2009 / Free UK gig in March and JTLU makes Friedhof Zine top 10
The first Pantheist gig date of 2009 has been announced, and it will be taking place on the 7th March at The Unicorn in central London. Pantheist will be headlining the show with a 90 minute set with support coming from atmospheric black-metal band Crom Dubh. Whatsmore, entry to the gig will be free, so it's certainly a date not to miss if only for your wallet's sake. For more info, go to the
concerts page.

In other news, the band's recently released third album Journey Through Lands Unknown has taken a place in the top ten albums of 2008 according to the writers of the Spanish Friedhof Online Magazine. You can check our the top ten list by clicking here. The album has also received critical acclaim from major metal magazines Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, and Zero Tolerance, and the reviews from each of those magazines have now been added to the press page. Remember you can purchase your own copy of JTLU directly from the band for only 12 euros worldwide via the merchandise page.

/ 28.12.2008 / Pantheist news and website updates
Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year to everyone! If you are looking for somewhere to spend your Christmas money, or are after a belated yuletide gift for a fellow Pantheist-worshipper, remember that if you haven't already you can buy the new album 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' directly from the band for 12 euros (flat fee for world postage) via the
merchandise page.

2009 will be a busy year for Pantheist, as there are plans to re-release the debut album 'O Solitude' with new artwork in the next year, and also to release all of the band's full-lengths on vinyl for the first time over the next few years. A new, multicoloured Pantheist t-shirt is also in the process of being designed, and these should be available to order from this website by February. As well as this there is the prospect of more live shows in the new year with gigs in Finland in May currently being lined up. The band would also like to play more in the UK in the near future; any promoters who would be interested in helping Pantheist towards this end please get in touch via the contact page.

The website has also been updated with links to several reviews of the new album in various languages being added to the press page, and photos of some of the band's exploits during the recent 'Exorcising the Funereal' European tour being added to the images section.

/ 01.12.2008 / New album available to order through the band
'Journey Through Lands Unknown', the band's third album, has now been released and is widely available for obtaining. However, you can cut out the middle man, support the band and make a financial saving by ordering the CD direct from Pantheist for only 12 euros. In order to do this simply go to the
merchandise page.

/ 07.11.2008 / New album available as band return from European tour
Pantheist have now returned home after a hugely fruitful tour with Skepticism and Ophis which took them across mainland Europe, with the band gracing countries such as Slovakia, as well as new venues in familiar countries (for example a church in Belgium!) for the first time. Pictures and other artefacts from the 'Exorcising the Funereal' tour will be added to the website in the coming weeks, and an announcement concerning future gigs will also be made soon.

In other news, the bands third full length opus, 'Journey Through Lands Unknown', is now available to order through several mailorders, and a number of doomsters were also able to get their hands on a copy, as well as a limited edition Exorcising the Funereal Pantheist tour shirt, during the European tour. For more information on where you can currently buy the new album from, go to the
discography page. Otherwise it will be available from the normal distribution channels from the (slightly belated) official release date of November 19th onwards.

/ 19.09.2008 / Third album release looming
Discography page has been updated with the details (including the cover artwork!) of the new Pantheist album, 'Journey Through Lands Unknown', which is set for October release through Firebox records. The arrangements for the Pantheist and Skepticism 'Haunting the Chapel' gig on the 1st November in Herenthout, Antwerp (Belgium) have also been finalised - please go to the Concerts page (where you can now also download several flyers for the Exorcising the Funereal Tour next month) for more information.

/ 25.08.2008 / New album details announced
Our third album "Journey through Lands Unknown" will be available from Firebox on October 15th. "Journey..." was recorded and mixed by Greg Chandler at Priory Studios, and mastered by Rik Dowding at Sonic Mastering.

It consists of 8 tracks, with a total length of 62 minutes:

01 - Deliverance
02 - Unknown Land
03 - Dum Spiro Despero
04 - Haven
05 - Oblivion
06 - The Loss of Innocence
07 - Eternal Sorrow
08 - Mourning the Passing of Certainty

A new track can be listened to at

In other news, we are pleased to announce that Pete Benjamin will be joining us on second guitar in the "Exorcising the Funereal" tour. Furthermore, the previously announced gig in Scheld'apen on Saturday 1st November has been cancelled; however stay tuned, as we are currently negotiating another gig in the Antwerp area, which will feature both Skepticism and Pantheist! As soon as it will be confirmed, we will post an update here.

/ 06.08.2008 / 'Exorcising the Funereal' tour dates finalised
The tour dates for Pantheist's descent into mainland Europe with Skepticism and Ophis on the 'Exorcising the Funereal' tour this Autumn have now all been finalised; you can find them on the
concerts page. This event promises to be very special, it being only the second time in either Skepticism or Pantheist's histories that they have gone on a full tour.

/ 08.07.2008 / 'Exorcising the Funereal' tour dates
Most of the dates for the 'Exorcising the Funereal' tour of Europe in October, featuring, along with Pantheist, Skepticism and Ophis, are now been announced. For more information, head over to the
concerts page.

Please note that we have also now sold out of the copies of 'The Pains of Sleep' EP and the 'Envy Us' shirts that were available to order from the band from this website. We still have a few copies of the 'Amartia' album left however (via the merchandise page) and you can still get hold of 'The Pains of Sleep' elsewhere, such as the Firebox webstore at www.firebox.fi.

/ 04.06.2008 / New Album and European Tour on the way...
As it has been a while, we figured it's time for a news update on our most recent activities.
Pantheist has reached an agreement with Firebox records to record one more album for the Finnish label. The next album, to be released in October, will bear the title 'Journey Through Lands Unknown'. The album will contain the following tracks (in no particular order): Deliverance, Dum Spiro Despero, Eternal Sorrow, The Loss of Innocence, Oblivion, Mourning the Loss of Certainty pt 1, Unknown Land.

The release of the album will coincide with a short european tour with Skepticism (FIN) and Ophis (GER). So far we have gigs confirmed in Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Rotterdam and Nurnberg. More news regarding this will be posted here soon.

Lastly, we had some line-up changes once again. Since Andy has moved to Finland, it has proven to be difficult for him to keep up his involvement with the band. Therefore we have agree to part ways, and are wishing Andy all the best with his future musical endeavours. Kostas will resume clean vocal duties just like on the 'O solitude' album, with additional contributions from the other band members.
Furthermore, it has also proven to be difficult for Pete to combine his personal and musical commitments with Pantheist. Therefore, all guitars on the new album will be performed by Ilia. We are not planning to recruit any new members and will continue as a four piece for the time being.

/ 24.02.2008 / Pantheist Forum Closes
With the increasing popularity of sites such as Myspace, we have decided to close the Pantheist forum hosted by Doom-metal.com due to its lack of use. In the future if you would like to communicate directly to the band as well as other Pantheist fans and also download some of the band's music for free among other things, head over to the Pantheist Myspace site at
www.myspace.com/pantheistuk. If you are one of those still trying to resist these online nests of popular culture then you can also use the band's Guestbook or e-mail address - for more details go to the contact page.

/ 09.02.2008 / Two UK Gigs in March Announced
Pantheist will be participating in two gigs in UK in the next few weeks, one as part of the Unicorn Metalfest 2008 in Camden, on Friday 21st March, and the other on Sunday 23rd March at JB's in Birmingham. For more information on these gigs, head over to the
'concerts' page.

Please note that the song 'The Loss of Innocence' from the band's 'Promo 2008' that was placed on Myspace for free download for a limited time has now been removed. Keep checking this website for more information on new material and specifically, the band's upcoming new album.

/ 09.02.2008 / New Track Released Online for Limited Time
The band are now close to completing the recording of 'Promo 2008', a two-track record that will be sent to record labels and others to promote the bands future material, specifically the band's upcoming new album. One of these two promo tracks is available to download for a limited period from the band's Myspace period. This song goes by the name of 'The Loss of Innocence', and "has been uploaded for the benefit of the people who have listened to us and supported us since the early years of mp3.com. You may have to excuse us for the sound quality and other inconsistencies, as it is completely self recorded." You can find the band's myspace page at
www.myspace.com/pantheistuk, and can listen to 'The Loss Of Innocence' until approximately the end of February before it will removed. Please your eyes transfixed on this website for more updates on the next Pantheist album and other news.
Please note that Pantheist now have a new e-mail address, if you wish to contact them from now on you should e-mail pantheistuk (at) googlemail.com.

/ 07.01.2008 / Happy new year! New recordings and more news
As we embrace 2008, Pantheist leave a period of inactivity behind them and enter the new year with very determined resolutions. Rest assured that if quality music is your thing, you will hear from us this year. We are currently working on a two-song promo and although it has taken longer than anticipated, we have taken the time to learn new recording techniques for ourselves as well as expand on barely touched aspects of the band sound thus far, like e.g. the creation of complex, multilayered guitar lines and new vocal techniques. We hope to be able to produce a promo for interested labels by February of this year. Depending on the response, the third album might arrive much quicker than anticipated, as we have already written 6-7 new demos of challenging, otherworldly compositions, able to stun our worse enemies and freak out the biggest fans. We plan to follow-up the release of our album with a tour, but nothing specific has been scheduled yet as the recording of the album remains our first priority for 2008.

Pantheist salutes those about to doom, and wishes everyone a creative and fulfilling 2008.

/ 17.06.2007 / Forum Back Online, New Pictures Added
The Pantheist forum is now back online and available for use again, having been down for some time whilst the forum host, Doom-metal.com, moved servers. Unfortunately none of the old data could be saved during this process, meaning that all previous topics and discussions were lost and that you will have to register again...we apologise for this inconvenience and hope that it does not deter you all from participating in the message board in the future. The address of the forum has also changed, so please point your browsers to
www.doom-metal.com/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=31 to access it from now on.
Some new band pictures have also been added to the site, taken from the gig in Ashton-Under-Lyne (UK) in January of this year.

/ 14.06.2007 / New Side-project Release, UK Gig Cancelled
A new band link has been added to the
links page pointing to the website of a side-project of Kostas as well as members of the doom-metal bands Until Death Overtakes Me, Solicide and In Somnis, called Wijlen Wij. A debut self-titled record has just been released with the style of music best described as raw funeral doom so it's likely that if you're a fan of Pantheist, you'll enjoy this too. For more information, head over to wijlenwij.nulll-void.com.
In other news, unfortunately the 'UK Doomsday' festival that the band was scheduled to play at in Nottingham on the 30th of June has been cancelled.

/ 07.05.2007 / New Gig Dates Added, Forum Down
The band has two more gig dates lined up in June, when they will be participating in Doom-metal festivals in the UK and in France - the
gigs page has more information. Some of you may also have noticed in recent weeks that the band's message board has experienced some down time and is now locked. This is due to problems with the forum's host, Doom-metal.com...however, we hope that it will be up and running again soon in one way or another, though this may have to be in the shape of a new forum. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this as well as some additions to the site soon.


/ 24.12.2006 / New Gig Review Added
Having recently completed live shows including a mini-tour through The Netherlands last week, Pantheist's next gig is back in the UK in January (head over to the
concerts page for more information). In the mean time you can read a new review of the 'Day of Atmosphere' gig that the band participated in in Belgium in October via the press page. And may Santa fill your Christmas stockings with doom!

/ 15.10.2006 / New Reviews Added
Two new reviews have been added to the site, one of 'The Pains of Sleep' and one of 'Amartia'. Head over to the
press page to read them.

/ 10.09.2006 / New Band T-shirt Design Released
A new Pantheist t-shirt is now available, to order only from the band through this website...you can find out more, view pictures of the shirt (which features new artwork and lyrics from the song 'Envy Us'), and buy one for yourself via the
merchandise page. (Update 18.09.2006: The shirt can now be ordered directly through Paypal - to do so, just go to the merchandise page and click the 'Buy Now' link next to the t-shirt's description.)

/ 08.08.2006 / New Session Photos and Reviews Added
The band recently went down to a place called the 'Black Park' to take the first official photos with the new line-up. You can see the results of these activities via the band images page. Several more positive reviews of 'The Pains of Sleep' EP, in various languages, have also been added to the press page.

/ 12.07.2006 / New Gig Timeline and Photos Pages
A selection of photos from Pantheist's past gigs have recently been added to the website - a set of pictures from the band's last gig in the UK being the latest additions to this images page. And an archived list of all the gigs the band has ever played has also been added to the site for all those trivial information-fiends out there. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

/ 13.06.2006 / More Concert Dates
We can announce two more Pantheist gig dates for the near and not so near future - along with the mini-tour of the Netherlands this December, the band will also be playing one off shows in Belgium with bands such as The Prophecy and Insanity Reigns Supreme in October, and in the UK in January of next year. For more information on these and all Pantheist live shows, please go to the
concerts page.

/ 20.05.2006 / December Mini-tour Announced
Following a return to the live stage for the first time in over two years last weekend in London, Pantheist have announced more gig dates with a mini-tour through the Netherlands this December. For more information, go to the
concerts page - keep your eyes peeled on the site for further details concerning this tour.

The 'Curse the Morning Light' shirts have also now sold out...we hope to unveil a new t-shirt design soon. And finally, a second review of The Pains of Sleep has been added to the press page.

/ 25.04.2006 / Website Update: New Banners Added
We now have new banners available for download if you wish to link to the Pantheist homepage, click here to view them. If you currently have the old black and white banner on your website, please consider updating it with one of these new and more up to date ones.

/ 24.04.2006 / New Pantheist Forum & 1st 'The Pains of Sleep' Review!
The website that hosts the Pantheist forum,
Doom-metal.com, has migrated its forum software, and so the Pantheist forum has moved with it, to here. It also has a new look to correspond more with the new site (thank you to Doom-metal.com for this). Users are required to re-register and all old topics will be lost, although the most recent ones have been recreated. Please feel free to banter with the band and among fellow listeners at this grand-spanking new location!

The first review of the new EP 'The Pains of Sleep' has also been published with DigitalMetal.com, and is somewhat positive..."this is worth it for the three new tracks alone and solidifies Pantheist as the unquestionable masters of funeral doom." Click here to find the review.

/ 23.04.2006 / E-mail Address Functioning Again
The e-mail address band (at) pantheist.co.uk is now working again so please direct your words to this address from now on if you wish to contact the band.

/ 23.03.2006 / New Pantheist Website Launched
To complement the recent release of the
'Pains of Sleep' EP (which you can order from the band now) along with the completion of the band's line-up and return to the live scene, the Pantheist website has been re-launched with a new design (though remaining at the same address of www.pantheist.co.uk) and new webmaster (much thanks to Graeme for all his assistance as well as for his previous webmaster'ing). Much of the site content currently remains the same, but this will not be the case for long as plentiful new features and additions will be made in the coming weeks and months. Please keep your eyes peeled for further updates well as news from the Pantheist camp, and in the mean time please let us know what you think of the new site in the renovated Guestbook or Forum.

Also, please note that the band's new e-mail address has proven troublesome so for the time being we will continue to use constantinpan (at) hotmail.com - if you wish to harangue the band please use this address for now.

/ 24.02.2006 / May Gig Date Announced
With the line-up now complete the comment "Pantheist do not currently play live" no longer applies, as the band is happy to announce that they will be returning to the stage once more for their first ever gig in the UK on the 14th of May in Croydon. The band will be playing alongside fellow doomsters Indesinence and Imindain, and there is the possibility of more announcements concerning gigs on the way - stay tuned for updates. For more information regarding the 'Doom Ist Krieg' gig in Croydon, go to the now updated tour page.

/ 29.01.2006 / Change of Contact E-mail
Please note that the band's new contact email is band (at) pantheist.co.uk, The old email address has been abandoned a few weeks ago due to the accummulation of excessive spam and viruses. If you have sent an email to that address in the past weeks, please re-send it again. We apologise for the inconvenience.

/ 15.01.2006 / Pantheist Line-up Complete, EP Released & New Site on the Way!
Pantheist are glad to announce that the band's line-up is now complete with the addition of guitarist Pete Benjamin, to some perhaps better known as bass player of Corpsing and Concept. Pantheist are currently rehearsing and hope to be able to resume live activity in the first half of 2006.

The pains of sleep EP has now be released and should be soon available by the band and Firebox records. More updates to follow.

Furthermore, we would like to offer our apologies for the few updates of this site. We are planning to rebuild the site in the next months, as we feel it is in need of a new design that suits the band's atmosphere better. The work will be left in the able hands of S. Burrell who has previously designed and maintained the site of fellow unorthodox doomsters Aarni. Updates will follow at strategic intervals.

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