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/ 26.11.2012 / 'Amartia' Reissue Released
On Friday the reissue of Pantheist's long out of print second album, 'Amartia' (2005), was released through Grau Records. The reissue also comes with new liner notes and an improved album sleeve, and you can buy it now from the band for only €10 including postage via the
merchandise page. 'Amartia' is also now available to stream from Spotify.
/ 30.10.2012 / Running Out of Fuel
We have now lowered the prices of our self-titled album to 13 euro. Our 'Unveiling the Signs' split is also available for 8 euro, and both can be bought together for 18 euro only. The album is also still available as digital download from iTunes.com and Spotify.

The new prices will mean that we are only earning 1 or 2 euro per sold copy after deducting the wholesale price we are paying to the label and postage and packaging. But one needs to do what one needs to do. This measure follows disappointing sales of our latest album, which means that we still owe money to our record label and that financing our next album has become problematic. We have repeatedly stated through this medium and elsewhere, that bands of our 'size' are not making any money, and definitely not a living through our music. We play it because we like it and hope to communicate with those who like what we do too, as long as the 'band bills' are paid. But unfortunately, we can't get round the fact that people are buying less and less of our albums, and we don't see an equivalent increase in merch sales (rather on the contrary) or attendance at our gigs, so that paying these 'band bills' has become problematic now.

Running a band without any money coming in, is a bit like running a car without renewing your fuel. Eventually you will run out of it, and then you won't be able to go anywhere. Every penny that comes in, goes towards financing traveling to come to your city or country to play a gig (as promoters seldom pay all traveling costs made by the band) or towards recording our next album (since the budget we get from our label is not enough to finance a recording to the standards expected from Pantheist).

We have been prepared to take the bulk of these extra costs ourselves over the previous years (and still are to some extent), but there is a limit to everything. It's particularly difficult to work hard on an album for years, have it released and promoted by a hard working, bona fide record label, get the positive reviews and comments in (most of these can be found on our site and Facebook page)...and then nothing. Not even enough sales for band and label to recover half of what they have put in in the first place.

We hate to be so blunt about finances (this is a well-known taboo topic within the underground scene), but at the same time feel that if we don't talk about it, maybe some people will never be able to understand the importance of supporting a band. Not just through talking about it, or listening to free downloads, but to actually also financially support a band, whether this means coming to a gig, buying a t-shirt or buying the band's album. Whether we like it or not (and let's face it, we don't) traveling costs money, recording costs money, everything a band does costs money. You fans are our lifeline, what sustains a band and motivates it to keep going. Without you the only thing that remains is -with a few exceptions- either amateurish DIY muddling, records made by experts in sound engineering who also happen to play in a band, or corporate sponsored mega bands. We are within that majority of bands that tries to survive in the middle of these extremes, and ask for your understanding and support so that we don't run out of fuel before our next album can be recorded, released and promoted.

We know that we are probably preaching to the converted, but hope that you will be able to spread the word in order that everyone who might care reads and understands our situation. We don't expect everyone to suddenly change attitude and start spilling money on underground bands; but we hope that raising awareness will at least help to start shifting a don't-give-a-damn mentality still pretty much present the day of today, a mentality which is self-destructive and will slowly but surely lead to the demise of a whole host of honest bands and labels that are just out there to share with you their love and passion for music.

/ 12.10.2012 / Band Update: New Album, Video, Vinyl Desires, Reissues and More
As we have successfully completed our last gig of the year at the awesomely organized and improbably pleasant Dublin Doom Days, it's time for self-reflection and some short updates about what we have been up to, and what we are about to do.

2012 found us doing a small number of quality gigs, rather than the larger number of (usually) less attended gigs of the previous year, and we think that this should be the way forward for the future too. At the moment we are concentrating on writing, rehearsing and discussing our fifth album and that will remain our priority for a while. Our ambitions for this upcoming album couldn't be any higher, and we are planning a concept that will involve artistic collaborations, our website, full use of sound and imagery, and ultimately you, our audience. This is going to be a long and hopefully satisfying journey that should do full justice to the band's name and philosophy.

In the meanwhile, we have just sold the last black shirt of our 'candelabra' design. We have decided to discontinue the small number of remaining shirts. A new design will come around the time of the release of our next album. Thanks to all who have bought, borrowed, stole or worn one of our shirts.

What else is in the works? We have been talking for a while to a young and talented film maker about the possibility of making a video clip of our track 'Be Here'. Not having done a proper video clip so far is one of our main frustrations, as there is a certain visual imagery in our music which we think should be more emphasised. We hope to announce more news regarding this project soon.

Talking about frustrations...VINYL. For years we own the rights of our back catalogue on vinyl, but don't seem to find a label interested enough to release any of them. Or maybe we don't know enough vinyl labels? We have the full audio recording of our legendary gig with Skepticism at St. Gilles-In-The-Fields in 24 channels and this recording is of a very high quality (unfortunately the same can't be said about the video recordings we have seen). We would be very interested to see this recording see the light of day in vinyl form one day. Any interested labels, or if you have any suggestions, please get in touch.

We still have copies of the 'Unveiling the Signs' split and the 'Pantheist' album (although we are running out of the latter) so there is still the chance to support the band by buying them if you haven't done so yet. Grau are in the process of reissuing our back catalogue, and a start shall be made on the 23rd November with the re-release of 'Amartia'. This reissue will contain new liner notes and should satisfy the need of the many people who seem to have been unable to find a copy for a while (we sold out our last copies of this album many years ago).

Stay tuned for more news about our upcoming album and its concept soon, and thanks for your support.

/ 04.06.2012 / Gig Photos Added - More Wanted! 'O Solitude' Sold Out
Numerous new photos from the band's performances at St. Giles in the Field church in January and SWR Barroselas Metalfest in April have been added to the website. You can find these in the
Images section. We are unsure about who has taken these photos and many more that have not yet been added to the website, so if you have live photos of the band please send them into us even if you have done so before so that we can properly credit you!

Meanwhile, all of the band's copies of the 'O Solitude' Firebox reissue have now sold out. Fortunately however, in the next year the album will be re-released by Grau with a bonus track and revised liner notes!
/ 20.05.2012 / New Gig Reviews and Reissue News
Several reviews of Pantheist latest live escapades have been added to the
Press page. In other news, Grau have confirmed that the rerelease of 'Amartia' will be arriving this summer! The band also have only one copy of the 'O Solitude' reissue left, so you will have to be speedy if you want it!
/ 18.04.2012 / More Gig Details
We can confirm that Pantheist's performance at the SWR Barroselas Metalfest later this month will take place on Saturday, April 28th, at 7.15pm on Stage 1. You will also be able to Meet and Greet the band from 10pm. For more information about the festival, go to
SWR-Fest.com. It is also just over two weeks until the band perform live with the mighty Crippled Black Phoenix at The Garage in London! And finally, the line-up for the Dublin Doom Days at the end of September has now been finalised, with Pantheist to play among a wide range of top quality doom bands. A flyer has been added to the concerts page, where you can head to for information about all of Pantheist's upcoming gigs.
/ 22.03.2012 / Updated Acoustic Recording of 'Be Here'; Gig with Crippled Black Phoenix in London
An updated version of the acoustic version of 'Be Here', recorded to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the release of the band's '1000 Years' demo, has been uploaded to the band's Soundclick page, which you can access at
www.soundclick.com/bands/pantheist. The band's Soundclick page contains a number of different demo recordings, rehearsal versions, alternative takes, live stuff and other obscure Pantheist recordings unavilable elsewhere.

In other news, Pantheist are thrilled to announce that they will be supporting the acclaimed superband Crippled Black Phoenix at The Garage in London on the 3rd May 2012! More information will be available soon.

There has also been a significant amount of coverage of Pantheist's performance with Skepticism at St. Giles in the Fields church in the metal press in the last month:

"Pantheist always soar when they play, but tonight their progressive, melodic doom takes on an elevating dynamic" (Terrorizer magazine)

"Ending their time at the altar with the sublimely lacrimose Be Here it's a wonder if there's a dry eye left in this house of God" (Metal Hammer UK)

"After three hours of thunder, the audience leaves the venue in a sombre trance- a memorable night and a worthy tale to bore those future grandchildren with" (Zero Tolerance)

All of this news and more was part of the latest edition of the Pantheist newsletter sent out earlier this week. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, then just send your e-mail address to the band.
/ 14.03.2012 / New Pantheist Photo Shoot Pictures
Pantheist recently took part in a photo shoot in Silchester, Hampshire, and the photos, taken by longstanding Pantheist photographer Cheryl, have been added to the website. You can view them now on the
Biography page. A great deal more pictures of Pantheist performing live will also soon be uploaded..

Thank you to those of you who voted for Pantheist's latest album in the Metal Storm awards. 'Pantheist' finished 5th out of 13 albums in the the 'Best Doom Metal Album of the Year' category.
/ 09.02.2012 / Vote for 'Pantheist' in Metal Storm Awards
Pantheist have again been nominated in the Metal Storm annual awards. 'Pantheist' is one of ten records to choose from in the 'Best Doom Metal Albums of 2011' category. There is some stiff competition, so if 'Pantheist' was your favourite doom album last year, show your support and
click here to go to the awards page to cast your vote! The results will be announced on March 1st.

Three excellent reviews of the church concert in London with Skepticism have also been added to the Press page.
/ 01.02.2012 / Nottingham Gig Postponed
Pantheist's headlining gig in Nottingham on Saturday 11th February has unfortunately had to be postponed due to venue management problems. Stay tuned for a new date after May, as well as other UK live dates this year.
/ 29.01.2012 / Send us Your Pantheist Gig Photos and Videos!
After the truly special church concert with Skepticism in London last night, it is clear that there must be a plethora of photos and videos of Pantheist performing live out there, and we would love to display some of these on the website. So if you have images from last night or from any other Pantheist gig and are willing to share them, then please don't hesitate to get in contact with the webmaster and/or the band via the
Contact page.

Pantheist's next gig will be on February 11th in Nottingham (more info). A new interview with Kostas for a Chilean blog (but in English) can also be found on the Press page.
/ 19.01.2012 / Pantheist Confirmed for SWR Barroselas Metalfest 15
More gig news - Pantheist will be heading to Portugal for the first time, to play at the SWR Barroselas this April. As always, for more information make your way to the
Concerts page.
/ 15.01.2012 / Pantheist to Perform at Dublin Doom Day
Pantheist have been added to the growing line-up for the Dublin Doom Day in September, along with bands including Solstice, Ataraxie, Procession and Ophis - more information about this exciting festival will soon follow. Meanwhile, it is now less than 2 weeks until, for the second time in their history, Pantheist perform in a church with the Finnish doom legends Skepticism - this time in London (it will be Skepticism's first ever UK show). There are still tickets available for this very special event; to buy yours
click here, and for more information go to the concerts page. You can read an enlightening preamble to the concert courtesy of Pantheist drummer Sterghios in Zero Tolerance Magazine here.
/ 02.01.2012 / A Few Treats to Celebrate the New Year
Doomed tidings and a happy new year to one and all! We have a few treats to celebrate the beginning of 2012 with you. Firstly, thanks to the Filmokratik Productions team, you can watch a fantastic video of Pantheist performing 'The Storm' on the 29th October 2011 at Bar Papillon in Riihimäki, Finland.
Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Secondly, to celebrate ten years since the release of the '1000 Years' demo and the establishment of Pantheist on 27th December 2011, a solo acoustic version of 'Be Here' was placed on the band's Facebook page. You can listen to this recording here.

Finally, Ryan Bartek's 'Fortress Europe: London' has been released, and the first chapter from this book can be downloaded for free akin to a 'single' from an album. This chapter contains among others an interview with Pantheist vocalist/keyboardist Kostas. Click here to download the chapter and read Ryan's interview with Kostas for yourself.
/ 08.11.2011 / 'Pantheist' Now Available on iTunes and Spotify
Pantheist's latest album is now finally available to purchase and download on iTunes (
here) and Spotify (where it is also possible to listen to 'Pantheist' for free). You can also still buy the album in CD form from the band here. If you have not yet bought the album, then support Pantheist and purchase yours today!

/ 02.11.2011 / Two More UK Gigs, Including Church Concert with Skepticism
Having just completed a highly successful tour of Finland with 0xíst, Pantheist will now be returning to London in January 2012 with Finnish doom legends Skepticism, who will be performing for the first time in the UK to celebrate their 20th anniversary. This will not just be any gig however; reminiscent of the stage the two bands shared in Herenthout in Belgium in 2008, it will be taking place in an 18th century
London church. Tickets for this one of a kind (and fully amplified) show are limited, so to pre-order yours now go to www.sermonsofmetal.bigcartel.com.
Pantheist will also be performing in Nottingham for the first time in February 2012. For more information about these and all upcoming Pantheist gigs, go to the concerts page.

/ 07.10.2011 / Pantheist to Headline Belgian Gig in November
For the first time in two years Pantheist will be performing in Belgium, and this time as headliners, together with Before The Rain, Marche Funèbre, and A Dream of Poe. The gig will be taking place on Saturday November 19th, and you can find out more
here. It is also only a few weeks until Pantheist's tour of Finland together with 0xíst; head to the concerts page for more information about what promises to eb an exciting series of gigs.

/ 25.09.2011 / New Reviews Added
Several new album reviews have been added to the
Press page, including one of the 'Unveiling the Signs' Split with Pantheist, Gallileous and Dissolving of Prodigy released last year. This, the band's latest album, and Pantheist T-shirts, are all still available to obtain via the Merchandise page.

/ 31.07.2011 / Watch Pantheist's appearance on Channel 4
If you were unable to watch Pepijn and Pantheist's appearance on Channel 4's 4thought.tv programme earlier today, then you can watch the short interview now on
YouTube here. You can also visit the Channel 4 page about the programme and express your own thoughts on it here.

Edit (1.8.2011): It appears that this video is only available for those within the UK. As a result, we have now uploaded the programme to YouTube ourselves, and users from across the world can view it here: .

Edit #2 (2.8.2011): Even our own YouTube upload is not being allowed to work so we have uploaded the video to this website, which you can view here. This will become part of a video page which shall be developed and added to over time.

Two more reviews of 'Pantheist' and another from this months Metal Hammer UK about the recent gig with Mael Mordha have also been added to the press page.

/ 23.07.2011 / Pantheist to appear on Channel 4 and in 'Fortress Europe' book, and other news
/ Pantheist featured on Channel 4's 4Thought.TV
Last month, we were invited to the Waterloo based studios of the UK's Channel 4 for an interview with our guitarist Pepijn on the connection between belief and music. We also used this opportunity to record an acoustic version of our track 'Be Here'. Unfortunately it appears that the program makers have chosen to feature another track from one of our albums instead. Either way, the program will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday 31st July 2011 at 18:55 GMT. More information can be found
here. If we do get hold of the footage of the live recording, we will post it on our site for free viewing.

/ Pantheist featured in Fortress Europe (The Big Shiny Prison Vol II)
The band will be also featured in Ryan Bartek's second book on the metal underground called Fortress Europe. This travelling journalist specializing in underground musical subcultures has interviewed Kostas during his stay in London, asking questions about the origins of the band, the scene we are part of etc. Ryan is currently travelling throughout Europe, meeting other bands and people from underground subcultures along the way. More information about his book to be written can be found here.

/ Reviews and interviews
Our latest album 'Pantheist' has received a large number of reviews in the first months after its release. The response has been very positive so far. Here are some comments:
"A defining moment in the band's musical progression" (Metal Hammer UK)
"But what happens when the subgenre's brightest hope breaks out of its shell? A revelation, that's what" (Zero Tolerance)
"Doom metal and progressive rock go hand in hand on this release with a minor part for heavy metal on the side. Just beautiful" (lordsofmetal.nl)
"For those who are willing to give this the time it deserves, this is a very fine piece of work and one which I feel is going to get even better with time. Highly recommended" (Metalteamuk)
Our website also features several interviews conducted with the band; among others, there is a very lengthy and revealing interview of our webmaster Stephen with Kostas, where we discuss in depth several things past and present relating to the band. New reviews (from Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, and Zero Tolerance magazines) of the latest album and recent gig in London have also been added to the press page.
We still have a (very) small number or copies of this album available, which can be ordered on the merchandise page.

/ Finnish tour
Pantheist are proud to announce that they will be playing in Finland for the first time between 26-29 October 2011. Gigs will take place in Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Riihimäki. Support will be provided by Tyranny, 0xist and Ghost Voyage. More information about this event can be found on the concerts page.

/ Grau to reissue Pantheist albums
Grau records have bought the rights of our back catalogue from Firebox and they will be reissuing all our albums starting in autumn 2011. All reissues will feature bonus tracks and/or new liner notes. We will be keeping you updated.
'Unveiling the Signs', the conceptual split album to which we have contributed the 10-minute track 'Barock' is still available for sale from the band as well as t-shirts and the Firebox reissue of 'O Solitude'. Please visit the merchandise page for details of the album artwork and tracklisting, ordering information as well as other special offers. Purchases can be made via paypal, but don't hesitate to contact the band if you have queries about alternative payment methods.

/ Kostas to write soundtrack for a play
And now for something different: Pantheist keyboardist/vocalist Kostas has been asked to write the soundtrack of a play to be performed in London. The play is called Siamese Twins and will be performed at the Silver Lining Theatre in September. More information can be found here.
- Kostas

/ 19.06.2011 / Headlining tour in Finland in October
Pantheist are set to finally perform in the land of a thousand lakes and countless doom-metal bands, Finland, this October. The band will be doing a four-date headlining tour with 0xíst and other bands, and you can find more information about each of the gigs on the
concerts page.

/ 24.05.2011 / Forum closed
After a trial period, we have decided not to continue with our own message board on this site. The forum was not used by enough people (besides numerous spambots!) to justify its existence, so the best place to communicate with the band and other fans online is now the
Pantheist Facebook page, which is much more popular. Apologies to those who had made use of the forum. Meanwhile, more reviews of Pantheist's latest album are continuing to be added to the site, as well as a review of the band's recent performance at the Dorecht Doom Day. Fans of the band in the UK will have two opportunities to see the band live in the next month, in Bristol and London. For more information, go to the concerts page.

/ 27.04.2011 / Grau to reissue Pantheist albums
Struggling to find that album to complete your Pantheist collection? Then you need struggle no more, because over the next year, Pantheist's record label Grau will be reissuing each of the band's previous albums; 'Journey Through Lands Unknown', 'Amartia' and 'O Solitude'. Every rerelease will feature bonus goodies such as previously unheard track versions. Expect more details about this in the near future!

New reviews of 'Pantheist' are continuing to be added to the
press page, including a somewhat less than objective, but nonetheless honest assessment of the new album from myself! Don't forget to also check out the new forum where you can discuss (almost) any topic that enters your imagination with the band and other Pantheist fans.
Stephen, Pantheist Webmaster

/ 19.04.2011 / 'Pantheist' and other merchandise offers now available at Pantheist.co.uk
It is now possible to order your copy of the new Pantheist album directly from the band, via the
merchandise page. Unfortunately the price - 15€ is higher than what it has been previous albums because taxes are higher in Germany where Grau are based. In light of this, the album is available together with other merchandise for some excellent deals. In fact, the whole merchandise page is now awash with special offers so be sure to check it out if there's anything missing from your Pantheist collection.

The band will also be headlining a gig in Bristol on June 2nd; you can read more about that on the concerts page. In addition, new reviews of 'Pantheist' are frequently being added to the website, in case you want to read more about what the critics are saying about the band's fourth album.

/ 08.04.2011 / New album released!
The fourth Pantheist album is released today, Friday April 8th, through
Grau Records. You can buy the new, self-titled record now from the Grau website and from other stockists on the internet and on the street. To find out more about the album, go to the discography page, and to read some of the plaudits it is receiving from the critics, go to the press page. You can also listen to one of the tracks from the album, 'Broken Statue', on the music page. The band will also be presenting the new album at a concert on Friday June 10th at the Relentless Garage in London, together with Mael Mórdha!

/ 08.04.2011 / Website relaunched with new in depth interview, forum and song streaming
Welcome to the new Pantheist website! As you can see, the site has been redesigned to coincide with the release of the band's new album. Hopefully you will find it easy to navigate around; beyond some superficial changes the actual layout of the site hasn't actually changed hugely. There are however some exciting new additions to the website which you may be interested in:

/ I recently interviewed vocalist/keyboardist Kostas in what was without doubt the most in depth Pantheist interview to date. Kostas does not hold back in this two hour interview, so you can find out (almost) everything you ever wanted to know about Pantheist. You can read the interview, which is exclusive to the official Pantheist website,
right here.
/ We have replaced the guestbook with a new Pantheist forum, hosted and moderated by ourselves. Hopefully this will become a space where Pantheist fans can interact with one another and with the band about everything under the sun. Either way, it should be better than the guestbook was! You can find the forum at www.pantheist.co.uk/forum/, so register and get posting now!
/ You no longer need to trawl to Myspace to sample the band's music - lots of Pantheist songs are now available to stream, in full, right here on the official website. Go to the music page to start listening!
/ There is also a new page where you can find out about different projects related to Pantheist, which will be added to over time

Many other features of the site have also had a bit of refreshment, so in short, there is loads of new, Pantheist related stuff to keep you busy for the foreseeable future. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are having any problems with the site or would like to discuss anything else for that matter, and enjoy!
Stephen, Pantheist Webmaster

/ 08.04.2011 / Scott Columbus, Rest in Peace
I'd like to make a personal hommage to Manowar's Scott Columbus and his passing away on the 4th April 2011. Manowar got me into metal, Columbus got me into drumming- Hail & Kill was the first song I ever tried to play. My contribution to Pantheist would not be, were it not for Scott. Therefore I would like to publicly pay tribute to him. I had the pleasure to meet him at the March Metal Day fest in 2008, just before he quit Manowar for the final time. Top lad, very down to earth, an inspiration. I hope the Instrumetal project makes it to CD, as I have a feeling it will surprise a lot of people and their regard of his skill. May he find himself amongst the Kings of Heavy Metal in the pages of history.

/ 28.03.2011 / Track From New Album Now Available Online
It is now less than two weeks until Pantheist's latest album will be released, and you can hear 'Broken Statue, the second track on the new album, now on the band's
Myspace page. The self-titled album, to be released on Friday April 8th, will be available to buy on that day from the Grau online shop and elsewhere. Don't just forget to buy your copy of the album, but to check out this website on the day, when it will be relaunched with a new design and with an exclusive in depth interview with Kostas from the band.

/ 16.03.2011 / New Album Release Delayed By a Week
Regrettably, the release of the album has been delayed by a week. 'Pantheist' will now be out on Friday, April 8th. This means that the new website and interview mentioned below will also now be unveiled on April 8th.

/ 04.03.2011 / New Website and Interview with New Album
To coincide with the release of Pantheist's fourth album in less than a month, on April 1st, a new website for the band will be unveiled on the same day. This will mean a new design and layout for the site, as well as the addition of new content over time. This shall include a new interview with Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist keyboardist and vocalist) conducted by myself, the Pantheist webmaster. It shall appear on this website only and will possibly be the most in depth and revealing Pantheist interview to date. It will be made available here on the same day as the new album and website are revealed, so in short, don't miss all this on April 1st - a massive day in the history of Pantheist! (And no, this isn't an April Fools!)

/ 28.02.2011 / New Album Out on April 1st!
Pantheist's fourth album is set to be released in but a matter of weeks, on Friday April 1st (and no, this isn't an April Fools joke!). The new record, to be released through
Grau Records, will be self-titled and will feature the following track listing and artwork (courtesy of Cheryl Pinnock):

1. One of These Funerals
2. Broken Statue
3. The Storm
4. Be Here
5. 4:59
6. Brighter Days
7. Live Through Me

/ 02.01.2011 / Pantheist Signs to Grau, Line-up Changes & Upcoming Gigs
Pantheist are thrilled to announce that after several months of negotiations, we have signed a contract with the German label Grau records
www.grau.cd/label to release our upcoming album as well as two additional optional albums. We have been following Grau for years and have always been impressed by the quality of their material, so we feel honoured to be part of their family now. We thank Tom for his trust and we are already in the process of mixing our fourth album with Greg Chandler at Priory Studios. We are fully confident that this upcoming album, that is bound to remain untitled to signify the new start in our history, contains the most powerful, emotive and heartfelt material we have produced so far and we are impatient to finish mixing and mastering in January for a projected spring 2011 release. You can find photographs of us recording in the studio, as well as some short clips, on our Facebook and Myspace pages.

In other news, we regret to inform you that after having been a core member of the band since 2004, Mark Bodossian is leaving Pantheist to move to Norway. Mark joined the band during the recording sessions of 'Amartia' and he also participated in the recordings of 'The Pains of Sleep', 'Journey Through Lands Unknown', 'Unveiling the Signs' as well as our upcoming album which we are still in the process of mixing. Furthermore, he has played tens of gigs with us, as well as participating at a tour with Skepticism and Ophis in 2008. We wish him the best of luck with all his future endeavours.
We are currently rehearsing with Aleksej Obradovic (ex De Profundis) on bass and are quite confident that he will be up to the difficult task of filling in Mark's shoes.

Finally, Pantheist are among the confirmed bands for a doom metal festival that will take place in Dordrecht (The Netherlands) on the 14th of May. More details will be made known about this soon. We will play several more gigs and are planning a small tour around the release of our next album (likely to take place in spring 2011) so any interested promoters, both in and outside the UK, please get in touch for bookings now.

- Kostas

/ 08.12.2010 / 'Unveiling the Signs' Split released - Merchandise discounts
The 'Unveiling the Signs' Split CD which Pantheist have participated in both as a band and as individuals has now been released, and you can buy your own copy now via the
merchandise page for only 8€. To celebrate this event the price of the Pantheist t-shirts has been reduced to 12€. You can also buy a t-shirt and split CD together for just 15€, all of which from the band - check out these offers now on the merchandise page. You can find out more about the Split on the discography page. In other news, Pantheist will be playing with Ataraxie in London this Friday, so if you're in Britain don't miss it!

/ 08.11.2010 / Photos from gig in Moscow added
A number of photos from the Moscow Doom Fest Pantheist performed at earlier this year have now been added to the website. You can view them via the
band images page.

/ 28.10.2010 / Split Teaser
A teaser of the upcoming 'Unveiling the Signs' split, featuring Pantheist, has been uploaded, and you can listen to it now on the band's
Myspace page. The split will also include a solo composition by Pantheist vocalist and keyboardist Kostas Panagiotou, as well as a new track by Wijlen Wij, the funeral doom which Kostas is also involved in as well as three former session musicians for Pantheist. The split will also feature songs by Dissolving of Prodigy and Gallileous, and is tentatively set for release on October 30th, through Redrum666. It's track listing will be as follows:

1. Kostas Panagiotou - 'Overture: The Madness of Crowds'
2. Gallileous - 'Zabobon (Superstition)'
3. Wijlen Wij - 'The Wall of Life'
4. Dissolving of Prodigy - 'Zlodejska svetelka (Lights of Thieves)'
5. Pantheist - 'Barock'
- Listen to teaser -

/ 22.09.2010 / London Gig with Ataraxie in December
Pantheist will be performing at The Gaff in London on the 10th December with French death/doom greats Ataraxie, as well as the English band Cloaca. For more information, go to the
concerts page.

/ 17.08.2010 / Split Release Track
Pantheist have completed the recordings of the track 'Barock' for the conceptual split album 'Unveiling the Signs', with Wijlen Wij, Dissolving of Prodigy and Gallileous, to be released through
Redrum 666 Records. Sound wise, the track harks back to the sound of the band's demo '1000 years', but with a few subtleties that suggest it's the year 2010 and Pantheist are a full band now. Lyrically, it is a nostalgic look at a long lost and uncertain past where heroism, fantasy and magic reigned supreme. A preview of the track will be available as soon as it is mastered.

/ 23.07.2010 / 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' Sold Out from Band
The band have now sold out of the latest album, 'Journey Through Lands Unknown'. However, you can still obtain it from other stores both online and on the street, for example from the
Firebox Netstore.

/ 13.07.2010 / 'Promo 2010' No Longer Available for Streaming Online
The two tracks from 'Promo 2010' which were made temporarily available for streaming from the band's Myspace page have now been removed...watch this space for more new material! Labels or promoters who would still like a copy of the promo should contact the band directly to obtain one.

/ 12.06.2010 / 'Promo 2010' Temporarily Available for Streaming & Other News
The band have completed a two track promo which has been sent to various record labels as the cooperation with Firebox records has come to an end. The versions of the tracks are nowhere near in final (album) form, but the home recorded demo's are of a quite high sound quality and give a good idea of where the band are heading to. Both tracks have been uploaded on the
Myspace site and will be available for streaming in the next few weeks.

Work has also started on the band's contribution to the split release 'Unveiling the Signs'. The track promises to be a return to the baroque style of 1000 Years with a light progressive touch. The split also includes contributions from Gallileous, Dissolving of Prodigy and Wijlen Wij. It is to be released by the Polish label Redrum666.

Meanwhile, merchandise has quickly been running out of stock. All of the band's copies of Amartia are now sold out and there are only two copies of Journey Through Lands Unknown remaining. There are also still some copies of the reissue of 'O Solitude' left, as well as t-shirts (although some of the colours/sizes are quickly running out!)...head over to the merchandise page to obtain your own copy of these items.

/ 06.05.2010 / New Biography and Press Material Online
A long overdue new biography of the band has been added to the website...you can read it for yourself over at the
Band Page. You can also find a new review of the latest album 'Journey Through Lands Unknown' as well as an interview with Kostas, transcribed in both Russian and English, via the Press Page.

/ 20.04.2010 / Song Lyrics Added to Website
The lyrics to Pantheist's releases have now been added to the website. You can read them via the
Discography page, where you will find a link to the lyrics with the rest of the information for the record that they belong to.

/ 08.04.2010 / Pantheist on Facebook
For those Facebook users out there, Pantheist now have an OFFICIAL page on the social networking site.
Click here to visit the page and join yourself for news updates, discussion with fellow fans and band members, videos, playlists and more!

/ 05.04.2010 / Review of February Gig in London Added
The Metal Discovery website has added a review of the Pantheist/Gallileous gig at The Gaff in London on the 27th of February. You can find a link to the review, as well as many other media commentaries on Pantheist's releases and performances, on the
Press Page.

/ 25.03.2010 / T-Shirt Price Reduction
In light of present times of economic hardship, we have lowered the price of the recently released new Pantheist T-shirts to 15€/£13, waiving the charges for the buyer that come with using Paypal to make transactions. Don't hesitate to order your own copy of one of these unique shirts for this reduced price now via the
merchandise page.

/ 15.03.2010 / New Shirts Now on Sale, Merchandise Discounts Available, May Gig in Russia Confirmed and Concert Reviews Added
Pantheist have unveiled a long-awaited new T-shirt design. The shirts are ready to view and order now from the
merchandise page for only 16€ (including postage), and are available in three different colours (red, black and grey) and four different sizes (including 'girly').

We have also implemented a 'multiple buy reward' on our merchandise page, where you can receive a substantial discount when buying several items from the band. We are still selling copies of the latest album, 'Journey Through Lands Unknown', and the 'O Solitude' re-issue (and have now added prices in Pounds Sterling for all items), so head over to the merchandise page to stock up on Pantheist goodies.

The band has also been confirmed for their first gig in Russia, at Moscow Doom Fest on 29th May, together with Esoteric, Jack Frost and Septic Mind. More bands are to be confirmed for this well-renowned event, so keep an eye on the concerts page for further information about this and other future concerts. The new shirts will also be obtainable at the gig.

Finally, reviews of some of Pantheist's live performances in British metal magazines from over the last few years have been added to the press page.

/ 08.03.2010 / Successful Website Server Move
The Pantheist website has now successfully been transferred to a new server. Apologies for the brief period of downtime whilst this move took place - with our new server the site should now run much more reliably.

/ 05.03.2010 / Server Move this Week
In the coming days, we shall be transferring the Pantheist website to a new server. This may mean that the site will be offline for a limited period, however please bear with us as it will not take long for everything to get up and running on the new server. This should in turn stop the downtime which you may have noticed plague the site from time to time recently. Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates on the latest news with everything Pantheist related.

/ 03.01.2010 / New Guitar Player and Other News
"So, the radio plays constantly and unrelentingly 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year' or 'Let It Snow'; yet all I see around me are executions of people with learning difficulties, greedy publicans walking like zombies in multistories and snatching last minute deals while at the same time exchanging their Christmas presents for money, radical lunatics trying to blow up transatlantic planes during landing and other such heart warming events. To make matters worse, my favourite football team has failed -for the third year in a row- to buy a trustworthy central defender, and are now in danger of having their patchy defence exposed by the warriors of AS Roma. It's all looking gloomy, and I guess I'll blame it on my extensive 'doom' training throughout the years.

Anyhow, we are not here to discuss world events; there are luckily some positive news as well. After a search that lasted for several months, we found ourselves jamming and rehearsing with Pepijn Van Houwelingen (ex In Age and Sadness). Although he is is known as a bass player/vocalist from his previous band, we discovered that he is a damn fine guitar player as well, so we'll continue to work with him and look forward to introduce him as our second guitar player in our upcoming gigs. We thank everyone who applied for the position, but as you all know there was only one position for guitar player to be filled.

We are also currently working on new tracks, and are quite excited about how they are shaping up to be. Those of you who were lucky enough to see us in our October gigs, might have noticed that the new track we played (Broken Statue) has a more accessible sound than what people are used to from us, although still retaining that crucial Pantheist identity of epic mysticism. Most new tracks seem to be going in the same direction, favouring clean vocals and melodic riffs over brutal grunts and grinding parts. However, rest assured: the guitars will still be heavy and weighty and the tempos still uncomfortably slow. It's just a different approach, and we will be thrilled to try out a few new tracks upon unsuspecting audiences in our upcoming gigs.

Lastly, we are also contributing a track to a split album with Remembrance, Gallileous, Dissolving of Prodigy and Wijlen Wij. This album, which will carry the theme of superstition as interpreted by the five bands, is to be released at some point in 2010 and the featured track will be a bit more 'regressive' -as it is to be expected from an irregular release- featuring a sound closer to our '1000 years' demo but with a more melodic touch. We will be keeping you informed on the developments."

- Kostas

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