Review of 'Amartia' (2005) by Friedhof Magazine, 2005
Translated from Spanish by Ilia Rodriguez

A grandiose album by today's kings of Doom! The reason for the word-of-mouth-fuelled popularity of this band already becomes evident on the first listen. In my opinion, the album needs to be heard in the same order followed by the tracks, due to the fact that the intensity is gradually increased and altering the design of the tracklisting would be highly inadequate if the listener wishes to respect the atmosphere laid out in the album. Another point in Pantheist's favour (and one for which I am particularly thankful) is having taken a gamble in mixing different types of atmosphere depending on the songs, a gamble that petty much comes with the territory in terms of the style itself (sometimes with success, others with tedious results). Thus, the band begin with pagan chants (I am not sure as to whether Sumerian or Egyptian, I would guess the former) followed by keyboards, which themselves do not start to lure with their dark influence until halfway through the album. Very melodic guitar lines intertwined with rawer sounds, electronic samples and increasingly suggestive and powerful guitar parts are also introduced. The combination of all these elements does not exclude the vocals, which are certainly no afterthought, combining as they do a clean, baritone-like register with grunting sounds.

Towards the album's conclusion, they even allow themselves a couple of faster tracks, making the musical amalgamation all the more impressive.  To finish off, I would have to criticise the album's production, which soes bury some of the guitars and keyboards somewhat, ocassionally hiding interesting melodies that deserved to be more clearly heard.  In conclusion, this is a great album by a great band; one that is certain to dramatically up the ante in this notewortly genre.

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