Review of gig on 30.5.2009 with Indesinence and The Drowning at The Electrowerkz, London (UK)
Metal Hammer Magazine, Issue #195, page 129

"...Aside from Ilia [Rodriguez, guitar], Pantheist number Frank Allain (Skaldic Curse, Fen) and Akercockeís Pete Benjamin amongst their ranks, all clad in Sunn O)))-esque cowls and whose magisterial funeral doom can match them for consciousness-hijacking scope. Lead vocalist Kostas Panagiotou stands front and centre behind his banks of keyboards, looking like heís charting the bandís trajectory through space and time. These are solemn, Frost-flecked, creation-lamenting hymns that hold us in rapt wonder, wondering if thereíll still be a world left outside these walls when we leave."

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