Pantheist’s Kostas releases solo album ‘Chamber of Isolation’

We hope you are all keeping as well as possible in the surreal circumstances that the world currently finds itself in! Pantheist’s Kostas has been endeavouring to use his time in isolation productively, and has just released an album of piano and chamber music on Bandcamp: ‘Chamber of Isolation’. You can listen to and download the album here: Kostas made the following statement to accompany the release:

“Hello fellow people in isolation, I greet thee. I hope you manage to spend your time productively and creatively. I have used some of that time to work on producing a new album called ‘Chambers of Isolation’ and I have just released it on bandcamp. As I explain in the album description, it reflects feelings and emotions spawned by both mental isolation and creative longing. It is piano and chamber music to evoke ghosts of past and present.

As these are strange times, I have decided to set the album price as ‘pay if you want’, along with the rest of my available digital discography. This is your chance to grab any of my bandcamp albums you don’t own yet. Donations are always welcome but don’t feel obliged if you are currently struggling financially. It helps as much to spread the word to others who haven’t heard of my music yet. I salute you once again and as ever, comments and feedback are very welcome. Keep safe and take care of your bodies and minds and help your loved ones.” – Kostas

Album cover for 'Chamber of Isolation'

On Kostas’s Bandcamp page you can also now listen to and download two additional Pantheist tracks that were previously only available to subscribers of the band’s mailing list. The first is ‘De regen voorbij’, a cover of a song by a Dutch crooner called Rob De Nijs. The second is a remastered version of ‘Warping space-time’, which was originally a bonus track from ‘Seeking Infinity’. Enjoy, and take care one and all!

Cover for 'De regen voorbij'
Cover for 'Warping space-time'