Kostas releases ‘Times of Change’ solo EP and new Sermones Ad Mortuous single

Pantheist vocialist/keyboardist Kostas has released his second solo EP during lockdown in the space of a few months! For more information, see the statement below – you can listen to and buy ‘Times of Change’ from Bandcamp here: pantheistuk.bandcamp.com/album/times-of-change

“We live in times of change. Our realities are changing very fast. A world pandemic made us all aware that some things may never be the same in the future. Time to prepare for a new reality where what has been taken for granted in the past, is no longer a given…we are but Stardust, but Love helps us connect with others, and a Vision of Light can see us through to a brighter future.

Kostas Panagiotou’s second solo EP, while only two months at the heels of the debut ‘Chamber of Isolation’, shows a considerable progress from its predecessor. While it can still be described as instrumental music based on the piano, the cinematic element has been now truly ramped up. Within its 20 minutes’ length, it travels effortlessly from bombastic, orchestral sections to subtle, romantic meanderings and dreamy realms. This is powerful music able to capture the dreams, hopes and emotions of anyone who allow themselves to be carried away by its magical sounds.” – Kostas

'Times of Change' cover

In addition, Kostas has resurrected the project Sermones Ad Mortuous, which has just released a single entitled ‘Flight 9525: A pointless descent’. You can listen to and buy it at pantheistuk.bandcamp.com/track/flight-9525-a-pointless-descent.

“Five whole years after its mysterious debut ‘The Ghostlands Themes’, Sermones Ad Mortuos returns with a different sound and theme. This new single takes the sound of the project into a more relaxed, chillout territory. Despite this, there is a hint of sadness to the downtempo composition, no doubt informed by the sad fate of the passengers of the doomed Germanwings flight.” – Kostas

Sermones Ad Mortuous 'Flight 9525: A Pointless Descent' cover