New Pantheist merchandise available and updates from Kostas’s solo projects

Embroidered Pantheist logo patch
Embroidered Pantheist logo patch

The band have recently unveiled some exciting new limited edition merchandise, which is available to buy from our Bandcamp store: an embroidered Pantheist logo patch, and two ‘Seeking Infinity’ themed print designs (‘Psychedelic Infinity’ and ‘Veiled Figure on Stairs’). The latter are printed on high quality A4 photo paper, and personally signed by Kostas, with a free digital download of ‘Seeking Infinity’ as a bonus.

'Psychedelic Infinity' print design
‘Psychedelic Infinity’ print design

Please note that for purposes of simplicity and security, all of the band’s merchandise is now being sold exclusively from the Bandcamp store at, so please head there for your Pantheist merch needs in the future.

'Veiled Figure on Stairs' print design
‘Veiled Figure on Stairs’ print design

In other news, last week Pantheist’s Kostas released ‘Stardust’, a single from his second solo EP ‘Times of Change’ on Spotify. You can watch a videoclip for the song featuring scenes of nature in Aberthaw, South Wales here. You can also now listen to and buy an extended edition of ‘Times of Change’, as well as an extended edition of his previous solo EP ‘Chambers of Isolation’, on Bandcamp.

Sermones Ad Mortuos single 'You See Them in The Skies​/​Challenger'
Sermones Ad Mortuos single ‘You See Them in The Skies​/​Challenger’

Furthermore, Kostas recently released a new single from his Sermones Ad Mortuos project, ‘You See Them in The Skies​/​Challenger’. This is also available to listen to and buy on Bandcamp. To keep up to date about all of Kostas’s projects, check out his Facebook page here.