‘Alternative Pantheïsm’ Compilation Released

“I’m thrilled to unveil ‘Alternative Pantheïsm’, a 90 minute compilation of rarities, covers, demos and unfinished tracks spanning the period between 2000 and 2018 of the band’s history. They have been mastered and cleaned up for your listening pleasure and I have deliberately picked tracks which show the band’s evolution over the years in chronological order: from instrumental ambient and covers of better known bands while we were finding our way, to experimentation in our ‘middle period’ and eventually our more confident integration of the past in more recent years. Accompanied by lovely cover art by Cheryl, I trust this will be a nostalgic ride for those who are familiar with our music, a journey through lands unexplored and projects unfinished. The tracks have their own charm in their imperfections and ‘what if’ potential that was never fulfilled for whatever reason.

It’s an exclusive Bandcamp release so I won’t be releasing this compilation elsewhere. There are also some limited A4 prints on quality matte paper with Cheryl’s art accompanying the album, for those who like something physical to hold on to. I will sign them personally. More information in our Bandcamp page. Enjoy the ride.” – Kostas

'Alternative Pantheïsm' cover art