Pantheist release ‘Live at St Giles, London’ album

It’s finally here! Having sat on the audio for almost 9 years, we have now edited and polished up the recordings of our gig with Skepticism at St Giles-in-the-Fields on the 28th January 2012. The result is a 90 minute nostalgia trip to an event which has remained unique in the United Kingdom: an international audience of 300 doom metal enthusiasts, witnessed two ‘funeral doom’ bands in a church in the heart of London!

Professionally captured on a 16-track mixer, the performance contains a selection of 9 tracks of our first four albums. Some of the versions of the tracks are more daring than others; all of them are full of passion and conviction and I’m sure you will excuse some inaccuracies here and there in the heat of the moment.

Head over to the band’s Bandcamp page to access the album. Stay sane in an insane world in the meanwhile. Doom is the only option.

– Kostas