Sixth Pantheïst Album ‘Closer to God’ out now!

Artwork from the 'Closer to God' album

Our new album ‘Closer to God’ has now been officially released! This is the sixth full-length record in Pantheïst’s 21 year history, and you can find out more about it on our Discography page. If you pre-ordered it then your Limited Edition Digipak CD should be arriving soon, and if you haven’t purchased it yet you can do so over at our Bandcamp page (there are only 300 copies available!) – where you can also take advantage of some affordable bundle deals! You can listen to and buy the album digitally on Bandcamp too, and there is a list of all the places it is available to stream here, including Spotify and iTunes.

As you can see, with the new album comes a revamping of the Pantheïst website, and we will be making further updates and additions in the months to come!