Pre-order the new album ‘Closer to God’ now

The new Pantheïst album ‘Closer to God’ is now available for preorder on Bandcamp.

Thank you to those who have already pre-ordered, your response has been overwhelming! For those of you who haven’t yet, you can pre-order the limited edition (300 copies) digipack CD, or the digital version of the album. The Vinyl Division are already working on the vinyl version, but as you may well be aware there are currently worldwide delays in vinyl production due to the pandemic. So vinyl freaks, please be patient until March 2022.

Featuring (other than founder and long-term member Kostas) US based musicians Jeremy Lewis (guitar, Mesmur) and John Devos (drums, Mesmur), French guitarist Nereide (Hidden in Eternity) and Welsh bassist Matt Strangis (Doubtsower), Pantheïst’s latest album is the band’s shortest and yet most confident offering, unveiling four epic tracks of cinematic scope which are dripping with emotion and infused with strong, memorable melodies.

As ever, the band worked with trusted collaborators to achieve optimum results. Andrei Oltean (Clouds, E-An-Na) guests on recorder and flute; the artwork has once again been entrusted to long-term collaborator Cheryl Panagiotou. Mastering has been done by the usual suspect Greg Chandler (Esoteric) at Priory Recording Studios.

You can preview the track ‘Wilderness’ on Bandcamp.

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The cover artwork for the new Pantheist album 'Closer to God'

New album ‘Closer to God’ to be released later this year, bonus track out now

Three years after ‘Seeking Infinity’, Pantheist are thrilled to announce the band’s next album, called ‘Closer to God’. Inspired by strange moods during the pandemic lockdown, it contains four tracks of cinematic funereal doom that are sure to push the envelope in the genre!

The album will be released digitally, as well as on limited edition digipak CD and black/coloured vinyl later this year (stay tuned for specific dates).


The cover artwork for Pantheist's new album, 'Closer to God'

Label: Melancholic Realm Productions / The Vinyl Division

1. Strange Times
2. Erroneous Elation
3. Wilderness
4. Of Stardust We Are Made (and To Dust We Shall Return)

Length: 48 minutes

Jeremy Lewis – Guitars
John Devos – Drums
Kostas Panagiotou – Vocals, Keys
Matt Strangis – Bass
Nereide – Guitars

Guest: Andrei Oltean (E-an-na, Clouds)

Mixed by Jeremy Lewis, Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios. Artwork by Cheryl Panagiotou.

A bonus track has also been recorded, called ‘Shadow of the Hierophant’. This is a special cover of Steve Hackett’s prog epic of the same name. Pantheist have enhanced the dark atmosphere of the original and cut down on the prog elements, opting for a funeral doom approach instead. The dark lyrics, inspired by Tarot reading, add even more menace and mystery to the composition.

The track has already been revealed to Pantheist mailing list subscribers for free. If you are not a member of the mailing list, you can sign up here, and will then get immediate access to the track as well.

'Shadow of the hierophant' cover artwork

Credit to Jeremy Lewis for the guitarwork, keys (it is perhaps the first time in the history of the band that Kostas has delegated them to someone else!) and arrangements. Bass performed by Matthew Strangis, drums by John Devos, and Vocals by Kostas. Cover artwork by Cheryl Panagiotou.

Fresh line-up announced and new album on the way

It has been a badly kept secret over recent months that Pantheist are working on a new album, which they are aiming to release it in the autumn of this year. The band is currently putting a finishing hand of doom on the recordings of the last track and things are progressing well. Kostas has gathered an amazing line-up to help him produce an album which will exceed the expectations of those familiar with the band’s sound and trajectory.

Nereide - Guitars

First in line is the guitarist Nereide, known from his work with the atmospheric doom-death band Hidden in Eternity. In case you were not yet aware of them, their latest masterpiece ‘A Tout Jamais’ kicks seriously ass and it’s highly recommended if you are into the punishing doom-death of the French scene. Kostas has known Nereide for years, as he auditioned for ‘Journey Through Lands Unknown’ back in 2008 (sadly the distance got in the way) and recorded guitars for Kostas’s ‘Chapters’ album. All the way from Bordeaux (France), Nereide has laid down some seriously heavy, solid guitars for the album, giving it the required gravitas, heaviness and volume to meet even the most demanding ear. Nereide reminds us of what Pantheist is in the first place: a slow, heavy metal band.

Matt Strangis - Bass

Meanwhile, bass on the new album has been performed by Matt Strangis of Kyam. Matt runs the dark electronics label Unbidden Audio and while his main focus is electronic music, even a superficial listen to his output with Kyam confirms his love for extreme doom and drone music. The compositions are brooding, harsh and dark as a starless night in Cardiff. Kostas was introduced to Matt through a common musician friend in South Wales and it soon became apparent that they shared the same appreciation of the art of dark, atmospheric music. Matt played bass on the Pantheist single ‘De regen voorbij’, giving the track an impressive low frequency boost and much needed ‘balls’ and heaviness. It was only natural then that Kostas asked him to play bass on the new album. His heavy yet precise bass lines are a significant presence in the album. Check out Kyam and Unbidden Audio in the meanwhile while preparing for the Day of Doom!

Jeremy Lewis - Guitars

Thirdly, Pantheist welcomes Jeremy Lewis from Mesmur and Dalla Nebbia. Jeremy not only played guitars on the new album but he is also in charge of the mixing and let us tell you, he is doing an incredible job! Those familiar with his work with Mesmur and Dalla Nebbia will know that Jeremy has a unique guitar style which is both progressive and doomy. He has embellished the compositions with some amazing leads and solos, proving to be a perfect fit with the band’s philosophy and sound. If you haven’t heard Mesmur yet, head to bandcamp now; essential stuff for aficionados of weird, ‘out-there’ funeral doom with a space aesthetic!

John Devos - Drums

Last but not least, drums on the new album have been performed by US-based drummer John Devos. John is a familiar figure within the extreme-metal genre where competent drummers who have the right ‘feels’ can be hard to find. A quick look in his bio will reveal his involvement in a wide range of bands such as Blighted Eye, Mesmur, Comatose Vigil A.K., Dalla Nebbia, Blood Atonement etc. John’s rock solid yet versatile drumming has made the recording of this album a worry free and fun experience. You will hear anything from sparse thuds of doom to furious pedal drumming…but then again you did expect that, didn’t you?

‘O Solitude’ to be released on vinyl

Pantheist’s legendary debut album, ‘O Solitude’, is finally going to be released on vinyl on 12th March 2021, by The Vinyl Division. It will come with brand new artwork by the band’s regular visual artist Cheryl Panagiotou, and bespoke vinyl mastering courtesy of Greg Chandler (Esoteric). The release will be limited to only 200 pressings on classic black (100) or marble (100) double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, and will include an insert with an extensive retrospective album review and an interview with Kostas Panagiotou by the prolific Colonel Mortimer (La Muerte Tenía Un Blog). It is available to pre-order from The Vinyl Division website now – and we can recommend acting quickly, because the marble edition is already running out of copies.

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Front of the longsleeve

We are pleased to announce that Pantheist longsleeves are finally available, for the first time in the history of the band! The tops are a limited edition, with only 50 available. You can choose from XXL, XL, L, M and S sizes. They are High Quality Gildan Ultra Cotton garments to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold, bleak days and nights of the pandemic! The longsleeves feature the ‘Alternative Pantheïsm’ cover art at the front, the Pantheïst sigil at the back and the band logo on the right sleeve. As a bonus, when making your purchase you will get a free download of the ‘Alternative Pantheïsm’ compilation.

The longsleeves are available to buy from the Bandcamp page now for £25. Get in there quick before they sell out!

Back of the longsleeve