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  • Grizzly Butts – Heavy metal, video games and the void…
  • La Muerte Tenía un Blog – Long-time running Spanish speaking blog from Antonio Martin, one of the greatest underground metal enthusiasts out there!
  • Metal Injection – Funeral doom-friendly metal site
  • Metal Temple – Sizeable metal site and community
  • Pantheistic Ramblings – A Facebook group for discussing anything related to Pantheist and funeral doom culture more broadly
  • Pařát Magazine – Legendary printed magazine from the Czech Republic
  • Priory Recording Studios – Legendary underground studio near Birmingham where some of our albums were crafted
  • Roadie Metal – Brazilian metal site focused on both mainstream and underground metal
  • Skepticism – Legendary funeral doom band we have shared the stage with 15 times
  • The Vinyl Division – Record label based in Southern Spain, devoted to releasing metal music in any of its manifestations or ideas