Gig history

Date Venue Gig line-up
14/10/2002 Dutch Doom Day, Baroeg (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Antimatter, Thee Plague of Gentlemen, Jack Frost, Whispering Forest, Officium Triste
14/12/2002 Frontline (Ghent, Belgium) Geasa, Thurisaz
20/02/2003 Baroeg (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Morgion, Mourning Beloveth, The Prophecy
21/02/2003 Frontline (Ghent, Belgium) Morgion, Mourning Beloveth, The Prophecy
22/03/2003 Some squat house (Ghent, Belgium) Various bands
11/04/2003 Knaack (Berlin, Germany) Funeral Procession Tour: Skepticism, Until Death Overtakes Me
12/04/2003 Alte Brauerei (Muhlhausen, Germany) Funeral Procession Tour: Skepticism, Until Death Overtakes Me
13/04/2003 Black Pes (Praha, Czech Republic) Funeral Procession Tour: Skepticism, Until Death Overtakes Me, Dissolving of Prodigy
15/04/2003 Nu Beatz (Dresden, Germany) Funeral Procession Tour: Skepticism, Until Death Overtakes Me
19/04/2003 Belgian Doom Night, Mundo (Zottegem, Belgium) Funeral Procession Tour: Skepticism, Insanity Reigns Supreme, Despond, Cambian Dawn, Until Death Overtakes Me
20/04/2003 Goudvishal (Arnhem, The Netherlands) Funeral Procession Tour: Skepticism, Officium Triste, Until Death Overtakes Me
04/10/2003 Frontline (Ghent, Belgium) Evoken, Desire, Officium Triste, Insanity Reigns Supreme
27/03/2004 Panique d’Or (Mechelen, Belgium) Katafalk, Emptiness, Creature, Thornesbreed, Stillborn, In Somnis, Sacramental Awakened, Orchrist, Signs Of Cain
02/04/2004 Doom Shall Rise Festival, Chapel (Goppingen, Germany) While Heaven Wept, Penance et al.
04/04/2004 Rockfabrik, Club 2 (Ludwigsburg, Germany) Mourning Beloveth, Thee Plague of Gentlemen, Mirror of Deception
06/04/2004 Scheld’apen (Antwerp, Belgium) Esoteric, Until Death Overtakes Me, In Somnis
10/04/2004 Vera (Groningen, The Netherlands) While Heaven Wept, Mourning Beloveth, Officium Triste
14/05/2006 The Cartoon (Croydon, UK) Indesinence, Imindain
28/10/2006 The Frontline (Ghent, Belgium) The Prophecy, Season’s End, Insanity Reigns Supreme, Valkyre, Whispering Gallery, Never Comes Silence, Wanhoop, Adultery
15/12/2006 Little Devil (Tilburg, The Netherlands) Dutch Mini-tour: Abysmal Darkening, In Age and Sadness
16/12/2006 Latenstaan (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands) Dutch Mini-tour: Sephiroth, In Age and Sadness
17/12/2006 Brogum (Zierikzee, The Netherlands) Dutch Mini-tour: Maskim Xul, Bitter Hærvest, Skullhog, Inhume
27/01/2007 The Witchwood (Ashton-Under-Lyne, UK) The Prophecy, Indesinence
09/06/2007 Doom Over the World Fest, La Locomotive (Paris, France) Esoteric, Ataraxie, Imindain, Inborn Suffering, Rising Dust, The Bottle Doom Lazy Band
21/03/2008 UK Metalfest 2008 Day 1, Bedford Park (London, UK) Blaze Bayley, Kachana, Lost Legion et al.
23/03/2008 JB’s, Dudley (Birmingham, UK) Misanthrope, The Prophecy, De Profundis, Fields of Iaru
25/10/2008 Logo, Hamburg (Germany) Excorcising the Funereal Tour: Skepticism, Ophis
26/10/2008 Dutch Doom Days (Day 2), Baroeg, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) Excorcising the Funereal Tour: Skepticism, Worship, Faith, Fall of the Idols, Ophis, Hooded Priest
27/10/2008 Kunstverein, Nuremburg (Germany) Excorcising the Funereal Tour: Skepticism, Ophis
28/10/2008 Black Pes, Prague (Czech Republic) Excorcising the Funereal Tour: Skepticism, Ophis
29/10/2008 Rock Club NaOZZay, Nitra (Slovakia) Excorcising the Funereal Tour: Skepticism, Ophis
30/10/2008 Escape, Vienna (Austria) Excorcising the Funereal Tour: Skepticism, Ophis
31/10/2008 Amnesie, Berlin (Germany) Excorcising the Funereal Tour: Skepticism, Ophis
01/11/2008 St. Gummaruskerk, Herenthout (Antwerp, Belgium) Skepticism, Cantar
07/03/2009 The Unicorn, Camden (London, UK) Crom Dubh
30/05/2009 The Electrowerkz, Islington (London, UK) Indesinence, The Drowning
25/10/2009 10 Years of Musketeer of Death Fest, The Frontline, (Gent, Belgium) The Prophecy, Imperious Malevolence, Hysterica, Hicsos, Inferi et al.
30/10/2009 Hard Cafe, Staré Mesto, (Karviná, Czech Republic) Electrozombies, Gallileous, Dissolving of Prodigy
31/10/2009 Brania Fest III, Art Cafe, (Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland) Electrozombies, Gallileous, Eternal Deformity, Crayven, Inductor
06/02/2010 The Witchwood, (Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester, UK) Diamanthian, Ghast
27/02/2010 The Gaff, (London, UK) Gallileous, Dissolving of Prodigy, My Silent Wake
29/05/2010 Moscow Doom Fest V, Plan B, (Moscow, Russia) Esoteric, Jack Frost, Septic Mind
10/12/2010 The Gaff, (London, UK) Ataraxie, Cloaca
15/05/2011 Dordrecht Doom Day, Popcentrale (Dordrecht, The Netherlands) 40 Watt Sun, Officium Triste, Spina Bifida, Hooded Priest, Faal and Akem Manah
02/06/2011 The Croft (Bristol, UK) Merrick, Act of Lunacy, Your Last Breath, Cuntaminated and Hemlock
10/06/2011 ‘Pantheist’ Album Presentation, The Relentless Garage (London, UK) Mael Mórdha
26/10/2011 Leppakomies (Helsinki, Finland) Finnish Tour: 0xíst and Tyranny
27/10/2011 Vastavirta Klubi, (Tampere, Finland) Finnish Tour: 0xíst and Ghost Voyage
28/10/2011 Rentukka (Jyväskylä, Finland) Finnish Tour: 0xíst and Trauma Field
29/10/2011 Bar Papillon (Riihimäki, Finland) Finnish Tour: 0xíst and Tyranny
19/11/2011 Decadence (Gent, Belgium) Before the Rain, Marche Funèbre and I Dream of Poe
02/12/2011 ‘Klub Kakofanney’, The Wheatsheaf (Oxford, UK) Black Hats and Family Machine
28/01/2012 St. Giles in the Fields Church (London, UK) Skepticism
28/04/2012 SWR Barroselas Metalfest 15 (Barroselas, Portugal) Immortal, Candlemass, Asphyx et al.
03/05/2012 The Garage (London, UK) Crippled Black Phoenix
29/09/2012 Dublin Doom Days Chapter IV, The Pint (Dublin, Ireland) Argus, Solstice, Ophis et al.
15/03/2013 The Black Heart (London, UK) Fen
27/10/2013 An Club (Athens, Greece) Daylight Misery and Immensity
15/12/2013 Doom Over London IV, The Garage (London, UK) Worship, The Great Old Ones, My Silent Wake, Lychgate and Shores of Null
07/11/2015 Doom Over Kiev VII, MonteRay Live Stage (Kiev, Ukraine) Antimatter, Kauan, When Nothing Remains, Vin de Mia Trix, Nightspirit
12/03/2016 Doom Over Edinburgh 2016, Bannerman’s Bar (Edinburgh, UK) Officium Triste, Eye of Solitude, Marche Funèbre et al.
27/03/2016 Doom Over London – The Sixth Edition, Boston Music Room (London, UK) In the Woods, Swallow the Sun, 40 Watt Sun, Lord Vicar, Black Moth, Falloch, Coltsblood, Darkher, Mourning Dawn, The Death Letter et al.
26/11/2016 Doom Over Bucharest II, Club Quantic (Bucharest, Romania) Façade, Fading Bliss, Monolithe, Ophis, Officium Triste, A Dream of Poe, Withsorrow, Black Oath, Ataraxie
28/01/2017 Nambucca (London, UK) Marche Funèbre, Faal and Eye of Solitude
28/04/2018 Rock River Club (Vilnius, Lithuania) Woe Unto Me and Vėlių Namai
11/11/2018 Armistice Doom Fest, JC Den Eglantier Berchem (Antwerp, Belgium) Marche Funèbre, Rome in Monochrome, River of Souls, Hudič, Svarthart, and Voidian
30/11/2018 The Dome (London, UK) Bell Witch (Special seated performance)
21/09/2019 AMUZ (Formerly the Church of St. Augustine, Antwerp, Belgium) Officium Triste and Isenordal (Special seated event)